Hyundai Kona Electric recall still on the run

Hyundai Kona Electric recall still on the run-electric

In February 2021 we reported that Hyundai deals with a possible exchange of all lithium-ion batteries of its E models. At this time, more than 15 battery packs have already been counted at the Kona Electric. How to understand Hyundai at the beginning of the year at 82.000 E vehicles replaced the battery system. This exchange is still trailing and will probably take some time how we could learn.

To the background: affected by the callback except about 76.000 SUVs of the Kona eV model also the Ioniq Elektro and a few hundred e-city buses. The decision to replace the battery system takes place after a return action of Hyundai engine last October. The reason was a faulty software for battery systems of the KONAA eV then. At this time, sales were stopped in South Korea. At the end of August, the callback action in Switzerland is currently working on how to confirm several readers and Kona drivers.

In official writing, the manufacturer refers to continuous quality controls of its vehicles. “In such a control, on the model Kona Electric of a limited production period, it was found that the drive battery does not meet the standard we set. There is the possibility of an internal malfunction of the battery, which could lead to unwanted increased current flow. It is a very unlikely scenario, yet Hyundai has decided to replace the drive battery on your vehicle, “says the company’s letter.

However, Hyundai also emphasizes that for the e-auto owner all the necessary repair work as well as the required spare parts are of course free. As the manufacturer continues to perform, the repair of the vehicle takes place in two steps. The first step is a change in vehicle settings to 90% of the maximum battery capacity used. This setting can be made with a letter enclosed by the letter itself. “If necessary, you can of course contact your nearest official HYUNDAI partner who will gladly support you,” says Hyundai and is therefore towards the drivers who do not want to make any adjustments themselves.

In a second step, the drive battery is replaced in the vehicle. However, Hyundai emphasizes that due to the currently existing situations in terms of raw material shortages, production restrictions and the massively reduced freight capacity by air and ship transport, the delivery of the drive batteries for the repair work staggered over a longer period of time. However, one is “in close cooperation with all persons involved and the competent federal authorities. Once the drive battery will be available for your vehicle, you will receive another letter from us with the invitation to repair.”

As long as you have not received this second letter, you do not need an appointment and can extend the vehicle as usual. Only with the restricted battery capacity of 90%. There is a valuable voucher in the departure of repair, which one can redeem in the entire Hyundai dealer network.

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  1. Which hyundai value voucher should one redeem for what?
    To buy a 300% overpriced foot mat set?
    They should come out a bar check or an Amazon coupon.

  2. Hello, my Kona the drive battery has already been replaced, but I’m now missing.20% charging capacity, ie.I can take 460 km only 362 km?

  3. In the meantime, I exchanged the battery for the second time
    And today comes the towing service for the third time. They do not have the problem under control.


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