Hyundai plans well Performance version Ioniq 5 N

Hyundai plans well Performance version Ioniq 5 N-ioniq

The n in the model name of Hyundai vehicles marks the high-performance vehicles of the brand. The “N” is an allusion to the research and development center Namyang in South Korea, where Hyundai and Kia test many of their new vehicles. In the future, with the Ioniq 5 N, a performance version of its latest electric car is coming to the road.

The Ioniq 5 is a great starting point for a convincing electric car to delight the masses, and executives at Hyundai have confirmed that they work on a corresponding N version of their new electric car. It is expected that this will come to the market from 2022. The basis for this is the 800 volt E-GMP platform of the Hyundai Motor Group, which is designed for ultimate flexibility and offers variants with rear and four-wheel drive and even the possibility of providing external devices with electricity. With the new E-GMP architecture, Hyundai has a tremendous potential for successful development and marketing of future vehicles according to its own statement. It is part of the South Korean brand strategy to become one of the leading manufacturers of electric cars.

Executives have already undergone the E-GMP platform a stress test during the development process and achieved impressive performance values. Albert Biermann, Chassis Assistant and Head of the Research and Development Department of the Hyundai Motor Group, said CAR 2020 that the platform will “achieve almost up to 600 horsepower in certain models.”

It also makes sense that the new Ioniq 5 N will have about 570 hp. why? Because Kia Hyundai has already made a dash by the bill; The new Electric Crossover Ev6 did not debate long after the 5er with a GT model. The EV6 GT comes with 577 hp, four-wheel drive and supercar-like performance data. Therefore, it seems more comprehensible that the power of Hyundai will play in a similar league.

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  1. Uff. It will be time for BEV to comply with the on board Navi Tempolimits. At least for driver’s license newcomers and notorious razors with points in Flensburg. There are outdoors and brake assistants do not use anything if each with the necessary small change soon can shoot with 500 eps through our cities. Otherwise hat from Hyundai and Kia. Excellent what you build. Also bidirectional charging is extremely important as BEV (such as Ottos also) will continue to stand mainly. So you can serve as a storage for network stability and self-flow usage.

  2. I appreciate that this sense-exempt PS delusion will find an end to electrical drives at the latest with the elimination of the tax exemption.
    History repeats, see MuscleCar era.


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