Hyundai produces Kona Elektro from March 2020 in Europe

Hyundai produces Kona Elektro from March 2020 in Europe-2020

For those who are disappointed by the long delivery times for the Kona, Jurgen Keller, Germany boss Hyundai, has good news in September 2019. Currently, interested parties have to wait a good twelve months long until they can accommodate their car. The compact SUV will soon no longer be built in Korea, but also in Europe, “so that delivery times significantly reduce”. Meanwhile, it is known that from March 2020 the production of Hyundai Kona Electric in the Czech Hyundai plant (HMMC) starts in Nosovice.

According to insiders, Hyundai already considered 2020 46.000 units of the Kona electro in his Czech work. This volume corresponds almost to the 48.000 units to produce Ulsan in 2019. In order to enable this, Hyundai wanted to invest 80 million euros in his Czech work last year.

“We see a great demand for affordable electric vehicles in Germany. With the decision to produce the Kona Elektro now in Europe, we can meet the wishes of our customers even better and enable them to access the mobility of the future “- Jurgen Keller, Managing Director of Hyundai Germany

With this step, Hyundai triples the production capacity of the battery electrical SUV for its customers in Europe. Furthermore, the further existing manufacturing in the factory in the South Korean Ulsan is significantly increased. With these measures, the automobile manufacturer responds to the continuously rising orders of electric vehicles in Europe and reduces the delivery time drastically.

Shorter delivery times and the fact that Hyundai buyers of a Hyundai with battery electric drive or plug-in hybrid buying benefits of up to 8.000 Euro granted, should increase their sales. Because Hyundai triples the current manufacturer’s share of the environmental bonus (2.000 Euro) When buying a Hyundai Kona Elektro or Hyundai Ioniq Electro. Hyundai is over 80 by increasing capacities this year.000 can deliver emission-free vehicles to customers in Europe. With this number, the manufacturer plans to increase the largest supplier of environmentally friendly vehicles in Europe in 2020 in 2020.

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6 thoughts on “Hyundai produces Kona Elektro from March 2020 in Europe”

  1. They are really smart. The Group apparently has a plan & a good strategy. If customers are satisfied, Hyundais are likely to sell other innovations such as H2-operated Nexo better. So far, I have heard good about the performance of Hyundai vehicles.

  2. Hyundai has understood it. The electric vehicles are in the pulse of the time and qualitatively in order. Now another is missing anyone’s price and then I would say good by German car manufacturer.

  3. As far as performance (energy efficiency) Ioniq and Kona concerns, I can only confirm your statement.

    Kona‘s regularly driving on top ranks in efficiency and uniformity races for BEV, along with Tesla and Renault Zoe.
    I hope that the Ioniq and the Kona together with Zoe and the Tesla models may be successful in Europe and of course worldwide.

    By the way, all production vehicles have been driving efolstly on the street worldwide for many years.
  4. Oh, dear FacePalm, these objections are completely wrong and really ridiculous. My new Kona (64 kWh Premium, July 2019) is a fantastic vehicle in every way. I am after a hearth disappointment with the new Leaf 40 kWh (although this is a very special E model, but still in the Kona in every way around miles is so enthusiastic that I ordered a second. Delivery time Just just under 3 months, I can not wait. The low consumption is a mystery to me. And the Zoe, again a pure e-car, is just a mini-witz car, in every way. I have more space in the e-up. And to be silent from the processing.

  5. Some haber really much opinion and so no idea! FacePalm ♀️
    Maybe inform yourself correctly and watch these cars from nearby and test. Then first open the mouth!
    In terms of quality today many German manufacturers can no longer keep up. You pay a pile of money for nothing and the service is also a disaster.
    The last 20 years I have only bought “rice bowls”, because the cars of the other manufacturers were very positive. At the rice bowls only normal wear and nothing else. Kia newly purchased, 7 years warranty, 8 years drove and no problems and even wear. I have been a kona for a half a year, though gasoline because I have no garage with socket, but equipment and workmanship are top. I found much more reason to complain with other manufacturers.

  6. Hi
    I have been an E Kona since 7/19 .
    The car has two serious weaknesses;
    Traction – the front drive is overwhelmed !
    No 22 kW on-board loader !
    You should not sell a car without 22 kW laser ! A large part of the new
    Charging stations are only 22 kW !
    Fast-based DC are almost in the country
    not find .


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