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Hyundai reveals concept stream prophecy-concept

Hyundai Motor gives an outlook on its electrified future and reveals the electrically powered concept vehicle prophecy. The visionary vehicle study shows the current Hyundai design philosophy “Sensuous SportsIness” and develops the idea of the Hyundai Electrical Concept 45 presented at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt.

The prophecy shows an iconic silhouette and proportions, which are characterized mainly by the laws of aerodynamics, so the manufacturer in a current message. With a stretched wheelbase and shorter overhangs, the Hyundai Designer have created an ultimate automobile form. This also succeeded thanks to a new architecture for electric cars defined by special surfaces and a compromising room concept combined with aesthetic harmony and functionality.

“The prophecy will set a benchmark for the electric car segment and leaves the Hyundai design spectrum to break up new horizons. He stands for our goal of creating an emotional connection between man and automobile.”- Sangyup Lee, Head of the Hyundai Global Design Center

The 45 has also freed the Hyundai designer of any complexity and properly given clear lines as well as minimalist structures. The “Sensuous Sportsiness” design philosophy is well recognized by the elegant line of Hyundai Prophecy, reminiscent of a stone cut over the centuries. This fits the clear and simple streamline, which extends from the A-pillar of the vehicle to the rear, as out of one casting. This minimalism underlines the timeless design. The muscular rear appearance already brings a powerful impression in the stand.

The Hyundai prophecy way excellent aerodynamic properties on, an indispensable virtue for electric cars. Rims with propeller shape suck the air and let it flow along the body like water over a stone. This effect is completed by the integrated rear spoiler. It generates output, which gives the car more stability at higher speeds.

Hyundai reveals concept stream prophecy-prophecyHyundai

The transparent acrylic, consisting of the spoiler, camera monitoring system and the headlight zone, provides insights into the technique of the components built there and at the same time emphasizes their functional beauty. The Pixel Lamps – made of individual LED points – existing light units – were for the first time in Hyundai 45. In the Prophecy, you have undergone another development step: This progressive light technology is no longer integrated into spotlights and taillights, but also into the rear apron and the rear spoiler. Pixel Lamps are not limited to vehicle studies, but should keep in future Hyundai series models as a characteristic design feature.
The underbody also show the environmentally friendly orientation of the prophecy. A wide air intake under the front bumper leads fresh air to effectively cool the batteries.

Intuitive driving experience with new operation

The interior underlines the advantages offering the passenger compartment of an electric car. Instead of a conventional interior, a comfortable lifestyle oasis with noble processing welcomes passengers.

For the progress that the prophecy represents, the integrated autonomous driving technology also speaks. Instead of a steering wheel, joysticks provide a new and intuitive driving experience. With one lever in the center console and in the door trim, which can be used individually or shared, the driver controls the vehicle particularly comfortably. In addition, the joystick keys can be used to retrieve a wide range of functions.

Hyundai reveals concept stream prophecy-revealsHyundai

Through the joysticks, an extensive appreciation of the interior design was possible, which should offer the driver and the passengers more visual clearance. In Relax mode, the vehicle occupants look at a wide display that ranges from A-pillar to A-pillar. There is also an innovative dashboard. When it turns, the passengers enjoy a more generous view through a transparent front forward. On the large display, films or other content can be viewed.

For the prophecy Hyundai has created an interior that combines environmentally friendly design with equally ecological materials. Colors and materials help the occupants to relax. The subtle ambient light also contributes to this, whose gentle color changes are reassuring.

Hyundai reveals concept stream prophecy-streamHyundai

Special openings on the lower turmoil allow air from the outside to the interior, where it is prepared by the Hyundai Clean Air Technology. This creates a constant and pleasant circulation of air inside the vehicle, which is cleaned again when escaping cleaner than the circulating air.

The name prophecy (in German: prophecy) reflects the deeper sense of the concept vehicle: it defines the direction of future Hyundai design and gives an outlook on innovative Hyundai mobility solutions of tomorrow.

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  1. If you show this study as a model a child and asks this what that is for a car, I’m almost sure what this child would answer. In Stuttgart, this Hyundai design philosophy is certainly critically eyed ..

  2. Sorry, what’s this spinning car? The shape we already know from Mercedes. And even with their dumbbell cars (nn), the back seats hit the heads on the roof sky and driver and passenger must pull on the roof from the car. And never has a car maker even only a single study, all in terms of futuristic design of the interior, has been implemented in a production vehicle. The car sleeve should please take care of meaningful, affordable Eautos. Hyundai Z.B. Please rebuild his ionic to a station wagon or SUV, say this car finally miss a trunk. For VW the same – the ID3 has ridiculous 385 l trunk. Yes, I know, the ID4 comes back soon, but the box never goes for under 55.000.- € from the court of the dealer, if he is halfway outstanding. Volkswagen?
    No, the carmaker obviously do not want any mass spread of E-cars. Different is not to explain for me that Z.B. The driver of a Nissan Leaf (was it after my memory in a press report) over 20.000.- € for a replacement battery on the dealer’s table should lay that ionity has increased its electricity prices by ten times and, S.O., that the manufacturers for primitive technology moon prices for their cars require and electric motors are primitive technology.


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