Hyundai reveals details about the Hyundai concept 「45」

Hyundai reveals details about the Hyundai concept 「45」-concept

The vehicle study Hyundai concept 「45」 gives a view of the future design direction of the electric models of the brand. The concept vehicle is based on the Hyundai Design language “Sensuous Sportiness”. “Sensuous” stands for emotionality that the customer learns through the design; “Sportiness” for the implementation of these emotional values in innovative mobility solutions.

Hyundais purely electrical crossover SUV with the working title NE is to be introduced to our knowledge after first in the European market before he finds his way to Korea. The NE is based on the EV Concept Car 45 based on a reinterpretation of the design of Hyundai Motor’s first concept car Pony Coupe that was presented 45 years ago. SK Innovation is intended to provide media reports battery cells for around 500.Vehicles of the planned electric crossover of Hyundai provide. This is the first electric car of the brand on the new electric platform Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and from 2021 to the street roll.

In a new Walkaround video with Hyundai design boss Sangyup Lee, Hyundai has released new details about the 45er concept vehicle. In addition to the Hyundai prophecy, it is the second concept car that embodies the new design identity of Hyundai, the sensual sportiness,. In the previously embedded video, Sangyup provides insights into the inspiration for the design of the 45s and reveals new details about outdoor and interior design. The exterior of the car has a modern and futuristic appearance achieved by using square surfaces and almost cubally inspired features. The coincidence of past and future is nor underlined by the wheelbase inspired by the 1970s and the futuristic, pixeled lights that represent the digital and analogue meetings.

Furthermore, Sangyup Lee demonstrates the 45s unique double sliding doors, which open forward and rear and release a spacious interior. First, he points out on the unusual swivel seats that can be rotated to “welcome” the driver and facilitate the entry into the car. This development is made possible, among other things, that the Hyundai concept 「45」 builds on a special electro-car platform, which utilizes the room maximum. This makes it possible for the designers to maximize the room, so that the vehicle interior feels bigger than other vehicles of the C segment.

Hyundais goal with the 45er was to reinvent the experience in the car, which is why the interior feels more like a premium lounge than a vehicle interior. With the progression of autonomous driving technology, the vehicle interior becomes more to a habitat – a concept that calls Hyundai “Style Set Free”.

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11 thoughts on “Hyundai reveals details about the Hyundai concept 「45」”

  1. If I look at this design and see the Cupra, then decades in between. At the Hyundai one feels fortified into the future, while the Cupra the 70s ring. VW and design is somehow a difficult case ..

  2. Let’s wait for how much in an affordable production vehicle arrives. I bet that the doors and seats are clearly different.

  3. Yes, the lighting concept will not come exactly.

    But I would not know what should have been new in this article now.
    That’s still the same cruelly concept design model … not even no pre-series vehicle.
    I have seen this walkaround video online many days ago.
    Pity! I thought there were real new facts.

    No, I do not want to feel in a “Yacuzzi Bath Tub” while driving.
  4. You have to take care of today where such a article comes. Even with the FernOllern you should not all throw in the same pot. Except for the Chinese who made only sayings without exaggeration until now, Japanese and Koreans are only increasing. Interesting as the Asians compared to us and also to the Americans completely different, but not indispensable criteria. And they also stick to it.

  5. Important would be important to get much of the study (sliding doors, light, steel optics or aluminum optics and, above all, that the trunk will finally allow a purchase as a family – competition to the model y of Tesla, so about 500 liters trunk

  6. Hyundai 5 years manufacturer warranty and Volkswagen Only 2 years manufacturer warranty says everything about reliability and quality of the product!!

  7. I find the outer design hammer. Soo a nice car!!!
    If the visually comes the Renner.
    The seats and doors do not come so is clear. That would be priceless too.

  8. I like the Ioniq too, but I hope the Hyundai 45 has a larger trunk (family) and a larger battery or trunk fits into the old platform of the Ioniq I just do not


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