Hyundai reveals electric SUV Seven

Hyundai reveals electric SUV Seven-hyundai

At the beginning of November, the Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has announced his new fully electric SUV SEVEN and showed first pictures of the concept vehicle. Meanwhile, we can reveal how the E-SUV of Hyundai actually looks like. As a strainer of the sub-brand IoniQ, the E-SUV presents itself as the vehicle, which wants to meet the requirements of modern customers to a sustainable mobility and lifestyle.

According to the automobile manufacturer, the E-SUV Seven is like no other vehicle of the brand for the development of the automobile towards a living room on wheels. “Seven demonstrates our creative vision and progressive technical development for the future of electrified mobility. His innovative interior, the eco-friendly powertrain and the outstanding safety and comfort features show how great the future for the customers of SUV at Hyundai will be “said Jose Muñoz, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America, about the concept vehicle.

Hyundai reveals electric SUV Seven-hyundaiHyundai

All new IoniQ models are based on the “Electric Global Modular Platform”, short E-GMP, which allows fast charging fast charging thanks to 800 volt battery and offers a wide range. The first models on the new platform have already been published: The Ioniq 5 of Hyundai, the EV6 of Group Nursing Kia and the GV60 of Hyundais Premium offshoot genesis. The Seven also builds on this platform. Ranges of more than 480 kilometers and short loading times are thus a good sound. For example, the seven can be charged from ten to 80 percent at a 350 kilowatt fast charging station.

Hyundai knows how to use the particularly long wheelbase and flat ground to set new standards in terms of design of the vehicle. This leads to the interior to appropriate space. The rear doors opens opposite and do not need B-pillar. This creates a generous access to the interior, which impresses with its high-quality lounge ambience. Furthermore, Hyundai deviates with the design of the streamer of distinctive, bulbous SUV forms, as you know them nowadays. In the wheels of the seven, so-called “Active Air Flaps” are integrated, which are automatically retracted or retracted automatically – depending on whether an optimal brake cooling or a smaller air resistance is needed.

The design of the study breaks clearly with previous design standards from the era of internal combustion engines, according to Koreans. The light signature of the Seven is dominated by the so-called “Parametric Pixels”. This succeeds the stromer with a high recognition value even in the dark. If the driver opens the vehicle, it will be welcomed with a light sequence.

Hyundai reveals electric SUV Seven-revealsHyundai

Instead of a steering wheel, there is a so-called control stick in Seven, with which the driver can steer without a conventional steering wheel and pedals, brakes and accelerate. If the stick is not needed, he drives automatically and is no longer visible. In the interior of the Seven is located next to the seats a movable console, specially designed equipment details and a multifunctional 27-inch display, called Smart Hub. If the smart stroke and the front seats are connected to the back seat, the seven becomes a mobile living space.

The “Vision Roof” – a screen that is integrated in the roof of the vehicle is well visible on the cover image and on which different content for maximum relaxation or entertainment can be displayed. “Seven dares to crimping new paths. With its unique, aerodynamic, pure form that does not compromise, he paves the way there, which has a SUV in the electrical era. The interior opens up new room dimensions by serving passengers as a living room for the family, “says Sangyup Lee
Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design.

In addition to the environmentally friendly drive, Hyundai deliberately focuses on the use of organic paints and recycled, environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo wood and organic resin. The high use of copper and textiles with antibacterial properties ensures that all surfaces in the seven remain as a germ arm as possible at any time.

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  1. Horny number for the showroom.
    However, looks like the oncoming traffic should take another street.
    Where are the affordable small and compact cars for the mass?

  2. Man like beautiful, next to VW, Audi, BMW, Polestar, Kia, Porsche, Ford, Mercedes, Nio, Skoda, Seat etc UPS now also brings Hyundai an absolute novel, super-horny, unprecedented, world-moving SUV on the market.

    With the absolutely best design of a square hatbox. How long these designers have probably needed to put something simple to the wheels? Front a board, behind a light board and already managed.

    Sorry people The thing is neither particularly innovative nor particularly aerodynamic. So no aerodynamically optimized car looks like. Leading out the outside mirror is roughly as awesome as the flaps in rims. How innovative is the whole thing can be recognized by the butterfly doors.

    BMW i3 design lets greet. Stay in the back of the parking garage if left and right parked a car. Have fun.

    This is not the vehicle with absolute warranty that we need for the future on the streets. 800V Hin, 350kW.


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