Hyundai’s prophecy

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The front of the concept car is characterized by expansive curves and headlights with a pixel look.

Hyundai’s Prophecy

A design study shows the future vision of the Koreans

With the concept for an electric vehicle called “Prophecy” (Prophecy) Hyundai wants to present at the Geneva Motor Show (5.-15.

March) give an outlook on the design concept of future models. The design language, dubbed “Sensuous Sportiness”, shows a multitude of curves, and according to Hyundai, the rear should take on the shape of a boat. However, these shapes should not just look good, according to the manufacturer, they also fulfill the function of raising aerodynamics “to a new level”. The rear light integrated in the rear spoiler and made of a continuous band is also particularly striking, a design element that can also be found in current models from Porsche and Skoda. The rest of the lights are pixelated, creating an interesting retro contrast to the rest of the car.

The “timeless beauty”, as SangYup Lee, head of the Hyundai design department, calls the concept car, does not only have the pure function of showing the future design of the brand: the car itself is also to be included in the manufacturer’s portfolio. When will that be? Unfortunately, there is no information on this yet.

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