Hyundai shows fuel cell sports sedan with 500 kW

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Hyundai shows fuel cell sports sedan with 500 kW-fuel

Almost two weeks ago, Hyundai announced its "Hydrogen Wave" event for September 7th today and also teased a hydrogen limousine. This was now presented in more detail at the event. The brand also announced its general hydrogen plans.

Hydrogen is suitable for "Everything, Everybody and Everywhere": In the future, Hyundai wants to apply the fuel cell to all types of mobility, from sports sedans to trucks, and also in various other areas of society, from houses to power plants.

As for the teased sports sedan, it should have a 500 kW rear-wheel drive. That explains why the car swerved around the back corner in the teaser video shown recently. The car should sprint to 100 km / h in less than four seconds and have a range of over 600 kilometers. During the development, Hyundai cooperated with the Croatian electric sports car specialist Rimac.

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Hyundai shows fuel cell sports sedan with 500 kW-sedan

The third generation of stacks in the versions with 100 kW (left) and with 200 kW

Hyundai plans to bring the next generation of its fuel cell systems onto the market in 2023. Two variants – with 100 and 200 kW – are planned. The 100 kW variant should cut costs by half, reduce installation space by 30 percent and increase output. The 200 kW version, which is intended for commercial vehicles, should be just as large as the current system of the fuel cell SUV Nexo.

The brand believes that a fuel cell car (FCEV) will no longer be more expensive than an electric car by 2030.

"The goal is to make hydrogen usable for everyone, everything and everywhere." (Hyundai boss Euisun Chung)

Hydrogen propulsion should conquer all traffic, starting with commercial vehicles, which emit more CO2 than cars and often drive longer distances. The automaker wants to electrify all of its commercial vehicles by 2028: They are all to have a fuel cell system, and some of them will also be offered with battery-electric drives. This applies to all buses and trucks that Hyundai offers worldwide.

Hyundai shows fuel cell sports sedan with 500 kW-sedan

The Xcient Fuel Cell is already in production, a heavy truck with fuel cell technology, 45 of which are currently on the road – also with a trailer. A tractor with the same technology is to follow in 2024. A "trailer drone" called the e-Bogie was also shown as a study at the event. This is an autonomously driving towing vehicle for heavy truck trailers. Another special feature: two e-bogies can also work together (one at the front and one at the rear) to carry a heavy trailer.

Hyundai shows fuel cell sports sedan with 500 kW-cell

Heavy truck with two e-bogies

All passenger and freight traffic in South Korea is to be converted to hydrogen as an energy carrier in the future. In Europe they want to turn the market for commercial vehicles inside out. It currently comprises 400,000 new vehicles per year. In the market for light commercial vehicles, which should comprise around seven million vehicles by the end of the decade, Hyundai plans to offer a five to seven meter long Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) from 2030.

By 2040, the hydrogen drive will then also be used in sports cars, urban aircraft, robots, airplanes and large ships, according to Hyundai’s vision. Another concept vehicle that Hyundai presented belongs to the robot category: an autonomous vehicle that can save people and extinguish fires:

Hyundai shows fuel cell sports sedan with 500 kW-cell

2040 should something like a hydrogen society will emerge. In addition to traffic, the energy source should then also be used in many other areas. Hydrogen can be used to store solar energy generated in summer for winter. This also explains why hydrogen is, so to speak, "cheese":

"Electric energy is like milk and hydrogen is like cheese." (Duk-Hwan Kim, fuel cell manager at Hyundai)

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Hyundai shows fuel cell sports sedan with 500 kW-sports Hyundai Staria in future with fuel cell drive?

You can see a video of the approximately 36-minute online event (in English) here:

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