Hyundai Teasert Big SUV Ioniq Seven

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Hyundai Teasert Big SUV Ioniq Seven-hyundai

The Korean automaker Hyundai has announced its new fully electric SUV SEVEN and showed the first pictures of the concept vehicle presented at this year’s automobility La to the public. The concept vehicle Seven symbolize the future design and the technological innovations of Hyundai in the age of electromobility and at the same time an outlook on the first SUV model of the sub-brand Ioniq designed specifically for battery electric vehicles (BEV) of the company, according to Hyundai in a recent communication.

The design of the study breaks clearly with previous design standards from the era of internal combustion engines, according to Koreans. The light signature of the seven is dominated by the so-called “parametric pixels”, the striking recognition features of the sub-brand Ioniq, which connect the analog and digital elements.

Hyundai Teasert Big SUV Ioniq Seven-hyundaiHyundai

The interior of the concept vehicle Seven is designed in the lounge ambience and develops the already known from the Ioniq 5 living space concept. According to the manufacturer, environmentally friendly materials are used, matching the claims of today’s customers to a sustainable mobility and lifestyle.

Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7

Hyundai wants to launch a number of numerically named electro models under the name IoniQ, with the straight numbers for limousines and the odd numbers for SUVs. The first model of the brand family was already introduced a few months ago the IoniQ 5, a medium-sized crossover, in the market.

Hyundai Teasert Big SUV Ioniq Seven-hyundai

Hyundaiim year 2022 should follow a sports sedan called Ioniq 6, which is based on the electrically powered concept vehicle prophecy. At the beginning of the year 2024, the series version of the SUV Ioniq 7 should come on the streets, as Hyundai announced in the summer of 2020.

Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

All new IoniQ models are based on the “Electric Global Modular Platform”, short E-GMP, which allows fast charging fast charging thanks to 800 volt battery and offers a wide range. The first models on the new platform have already been published: The Ioniq 5 of Hyundai, the EV6 of Group Nursing Kia and the GV60 of Hyundais Premium offshoot genesis.

The concept vehicle Seven will be at the Automobility LA as part of the Hyundai press conference on 17. November. After that, the study of 19 is. up to and including 28. Be accessible to the public for the public.

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4 thoughts on “Hyundai Teasert Big SUV Ioniq Seven”

  1. At Hyundai now the technicians have to ran. Because the IoniQ5 has nothing more of what Hyundai has awarded in the past. The previous BEV were very efficient. That’s no longer. Also, the vehicle has such a few other construction sites. Until that not all is satisfactory, you should leave the new models left.

  2. I hope Hyundai does not forget that there are also the numbers 1 to 4 &# 128578;
    I like the ioniq 5 both visually and technically very good, but I do not really need such a big car.

  3. For a good four months now, I drive the Ioniq5 (Project 45), which I had bought as a “cat in the sack”. Am really very satisfied with this vehicle – except for the missing rear wiper, the non-functioning voice input, the missing route planning with associated charging option, the manual headlight adjustment, the missing cornering light, the missing matrix light, the cumbersome connection of the mobile phone to use Android car ( 5 USB-A sockets and only one at the worst place that can transmit data), the strong pollution of the inner sill bars. Everything was so bad if Hyundai would talk regularly with his “testers” – and there is a lot to talk about !
    But as it is as usual today, it will be happy to be swaded over the future and the everyday worries of the “Betatester” will be fully lost from the eye. Hyundai – that’s not the same thing, the IQ 5 was probably the first and last car of this brand for me and the family. But it was important to an attempt – even if the ideas have not been met.


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