Hyvia target: 30% of hydrogen vans

Hyvia target: 30% of hydrogen vans-vans

The French group RENAULT also relies on hydrogen in the mobility transaction. The joint venture of the car maker with the company Plug Power has started his work under the name of Hyvia a few months ago and already presented first projects on turnkey hydrogen solutions and three lightweight commercial vehicles with fuel cell. That’s out of a message. The offer is based on “Early Adopter”, which want to change hydrogen, it says.

HYVIA boss David Holderbach highlights the high speed of the project. “We all have done without hesitation and worked together to promote the change to carbon-free mobility,” he says. The 50 employees would only be dedicated to sustainable mobility based on green hydrogen. The ultimate goal is to actively participate in the energy transition and enable carbon-poor transport of goods and persons. In the eyes of David Holderbach this commitment is a prerequisite to achieve a market share of 30 percent on the market for hydrogen vehicles by 2030.

The H2 Tech vehicles are the Basis around the Renault Master Van for goods and packages with 12 cubic meters of storage space and a range of up to 500 kilometers. For more room there is the Master Chassis Cab with 19 cubic meters and a range of 250 kilometers. Third vehicle in the bundle is the Master CityBus, which can carry up to 15 passengers in the urban area and has a range of around 300 kilometers.

In addition, the developers of HYVIA have designed a complete ecosystem for sustainable mobility and co-developed a gas station for refueling with hydrogen, it is called in the message. This model focuses on fleet operators and local governments for which there are few offers on hydrogen-operated vehicles. According to the company, the master E-Tech Eletric models are rebuilt at the Renault site Batilly in Northeast France, the assembly of fuel cells as well as the production of gas stations therefore takes place in the re-factory in flings.

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  1. The run directly to the spoil!
    And just because they have not heard the liberating message of the Prophet Elon: ‘Fuel Cells Are Fool Cells’.
    Someone should tell them.

  2. In a fuel cell memory, a larger memory is easily realized than for batteries, which is particularly advantageous for long-term storage.
    A battery memory can be well adapted to the available space.
    High pressure memories are cylindrical and therefore use the installation space of the rather cuboid is worse.
    The problem with road vehicles is: There is no the necessary installation space for a pressure store that offers more range than a BEV with a large battery in the fuel cell vehicle, for that.


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