Hyzon brings the fuel cell “superbus” 950 times to Australia

Hyzon brings the fuel cell

Hyzon wants to bring vehicles for mass use on the road – trucks and buses – to support the downstream use of hydrogen production on a large scale. In the near future, the company wants to bring his first “superbus” in Australia on the street. 949 other fuel cell buses could follow. Because not only hyzone promises from his bus with fuel cell technology that these longer routes, lower manufacturing costs, improved security features and emission-free driving realizes, but also their client ATG. Their goal is to decorate the 950 buses comprehensive bus fleet throughout Australia and use the superbus on the bus lines operated by ATG.

The superbus of Hyzon is created in collaboration with Warpforge, this was already known in October 2020. The hydrogen bus is manufactured in the systems of Warpforge in Perth, Western Australia, where the work is to start 2021. As part of this new partnership with ATG, companies will work together to introduce the vehicle on an ATG bus line in Western Australia (Hyzon States).

The heart of the fuel cell bus is the proven PEM fuel cell constructions of Hyzon. Which own statement is already used internationally in hundreds of commercial vehicles and provide industry-leading efficiency, resulting in lower hydrogen consumption in operation and thus lower operating costs.

“We are very happy about working with ATG, which operates throughout Australia and offers a fleet’s 950 buses an exciting opportunity for Hyzon and Warpforge to introduce our groundbreaking technology for the first time on the Australian bus market – see this agreement as An important step on our way to the decarbonization of the bus fleets of the country, whose urgency reflects in the recent clarification of Transport for NSW, which aims for experiments with emission-free buses, which ultimately lead to the replacement of the 8,000 transit buses in NSW.”- Craig Knight, co-founder and CEO of Hyzon Motors

The CEO of Warpforge, Brian Maloney, gives you to understand that you are not only looking forward to the challenge through the development and production of the superbus, but also the opportunity to create new jobs locally. With the statement: “ATG is looking forward to working with Hyzon and Warpforge in this exciting superbus project, with which we decarbonize our entire fleet of nearly 1000 buses and want to take over a clear leadership in environmentally friendly mobility services,” arranges Ben Doolan, Managing Director of ATG the joint project accordingly.

Most recently Hyzon Motors founded a European subsidiary and announced the opening of his European headquarters in the Dutch city of Groningen. In the Netherlands, the fuel cell trucks for the European market should be manufactured in cooperation with the specialist Holthausen Clean Technology. For 2020 continued to be planned the production plant in Rochester, New York, to put into operation. This is the only high performance PEM fuel cell production line throughout the USA. Similarly, you want to bring 2021 heavy fuel cell trucks in New Zealand on the street.

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  1. I am not a friend of hydrogen cars – converting the stream 2x with energy loss instead of storing it directly and use it, then in my opinion can not be the future.

    I hope that new batteries come with a 10-fold energy density soon, so that hydrogen-down bonuses will spare us – investing the money better in solar thermal heat pump heaters.


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