Hyzon Motors: 140-ton fuel cell truck with 340 kW fuel cell

Hyzon Motors: 140-ton fuel cell truck with 340 kW fuel cell-fuel

Hyzon wants to bring vehicles for mass use on the road – trucks and buses – to support the downstream use of hydrogen production on a large scale. For 2020, the company is planning on an existing bus platform with a city bus – based on an existing bus platform. As well as a heavy load truck, which also builds on an existing platform. In 2021, transporters should follow for goods as well as persons (up to 15 seats). After that, one dedicates itself to the private sector with a pickup and small car.

The city and overland buses and trucks should be offered at the end of the year with a permissible total weight of 15 to 40 tonnes on the market. Furthermore, it is planned that 2021 a so-called “road train” by Hyzon Motors is brought to the street. This should first come to the market in Australia and used in the Australian mining industry, how to communicate us from Hyzon.

The “Road Train” brings it to a total weight of 140 tons. Hyzon wants to use PEM fuel cell modules with more than 100 kW in this first US manufacturer. The technique comes from Horizon Fuel Cell. How we learned about the American company is the speech of 370 kW fuel cells, which are to be used in the 140 tonnes truck. Whether in a module or to several diverted was not communicated. From April 2021 you want to start in the pre-series, about six months later in the series.

For 2020 continued to be planned the production plant in Rochester, New York, to put into operation. This is the only high performance PEM fuel cell production line throughout the USA. The Rochester plant will develop and assemble all fuel cell system assemblies for hyzone and, in addition to vehicle assembly for the US and other markets, be responsible. To the 40 tons of truck divided electric car news.Net still with that this will probably start in series production in autumn (October 2020).

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4 thoughts on “Hyzon Motors: 140-ton fuel cell truck with 340 kW fuel cell”

  1. The house fire would also be more than superfluous with such a technique. Oil fracking and oil funding would then be overcome and useless. Pure heating with the process heating of the cells and also heating with electricity would be conceivable. Especially decentralized areas of application would be solved in terms of energy coverage.

  2. Well, the one in Australia or less in the outback on vibrating slopes on the road we forget now. In river trips or mud pistes, the matter is already interesting interesting interest would be a test report under real conditions

  3. In the last 2 decades, one has – through lobby-controlled laws – many, who allegedly forced bad house heaters forced to exchange. The craft and usual heating manufacturers have cheered and the energy suppliers have increased energy prices beyond saving – the state has exposed the EEG levies and taxes – and all rip-offs were happy.
    If there were courageous politicians with expertise and vision – the taxpayers would not have been pushed to the power plant operators for coal and nuclear power plants in the most value to replenish even when graduated from abroad – in the same most value.
    But there is the rip-off happy with each other for the leg clapping and laughing the stupid tax and duties-paying citizens!
    If you have given the citizens for switching the billions for a fuel cell or CHP heater – today we would be a significant step further with air pollution and climate crawls and the fuel cells have long been in ships, trucks and buses.

  4. Do our leaders know what they want? The truck S for remote transport should be prohibited as quickly as possible and freight transport should be redirected to railroad. This will solve more than 50% environmental problems caused by traffic. At the same time, safety is improved to the streets several times. Then there are only electric short trucks and vans for the last 100 km, Z.B.


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