Hyzon Motors plans first delivery of fuel cell trucks

Hyzon Motors plans first delivery of fuel cell trucks-delivery

Again and again the US manufacturer makes for water commercial vehicles, Hyzon Motors, talk about themselves. So it was recently announced that an order of more than 20 fuel cell trucks from the Netherlands. Now Hyzon announces that the first trucks with hydrogen fuel cell drive can soon be delivered to European customers. In addition, the company is preparing for the first customer tests in the United States: “Many customers will get the first fuel cell vehicles in their hands in the next six to 12 months (…),” CEO Craig Knight known during a recent conference call and Called this process a “exciting challenge”.

The company is on the best way to deliver 85 fuel cell vehicles by the end of this year. The first revenue would then fall in the next quarter. The orders and declarations of intent under contract are grown from $ 55 million in April to $ 83 million – as of August -. However, many of the buying interests are not binding. An example of this is the agreement with the Austrian grocer MRPeis about the delivery of 70 trucks in the coming year. Ultimately, many potential customers must be convinced of the hydrogen trucks.

Although many of the hyzone sales affect a small number of trucks, Knight sees an ever-shorter period of time between the initial sale and the conversion of the fleet – at least in Europe, where significantly more hydrogen is available. “I used to say that it takes 12 to 18 months until you buy a first fuel cell truck and tried it. And only then maybe a few more buys to find out how a fleet conversion could look like over time (…). I think that shortens now and in the future clear, “Knight continues.

But as well as other companies in this sector, which have gone to the stock market by a fusion with a special takeover fund, Hyzon has no significant revenue. Instead, the enormous capital syringe from that transaction – more than $ 500 million – as well as the rising number of customer orders is set to finally achieve a positive cash flow.

In addition to the production of hydrogen fuel cell drive strands, Hyzon also invests in hydrogen production centers, because those constitutes an important infrastructure for the introduction of the technology. In April, one signed a joint venture with “Raven SR” for up to 100 new production sites.

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  1. The Citizens’ Initiative Gruheide is coming to the clear words of Elon Musk again:

    • Brandenburg has enough water
    • In his opinion, hydrogen is not the future of mobility &# 128521;
    The EU is increasing the maximum weight for the BEV heavy duty traffic &# 128578;

    Time wants Tell &# 128521;

    Mr. Sperling, of course, has his own consideration &# 128521;
    Read this shortly in this threat

  2. I have already written a lot to fuel cell trucks and as long as there is no halving of high manufacturing costs and no eco flow almost to zirto, I do not see any opportunities.

  3. I am currently seeing onVista:
    The Hyzon Motors share has more than halved last year – that’s probably no good sign, or?
    His Sperling has hopefully not invested in the wrong moment or is out of time &# 128521;


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