Hyzon Motors: Supplies 15 hydrogen vehicles to the Netherlands

Hyzon Motors: Supplies 15 hydrogen vehicles to the Netherlands-motors

Hyzon Motors believe in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In 2025 you expect the breakthrough. Until then you want to be prepared. For the Netherlands, the delivery of 15 emission-free hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be found in 2021, which are manufactured in the European production facility of Hyzon. 10 Emission-free and heavy duty municipal vehicles, including water, waste, hook lift crane and delivery vehicles, and five emission-free transporters will supply hyzone.

The orders of the city of Groningen are from Hyzon Motors Europe B.V., a joint venture (“JV”) from Hyzon Motors Inc. and Holthausen Clean Technology (“HCT”), executed. The JV is responsible for the development, production and delivery of the vehicles. The orders are handled via the dealer ESA (Groningen). The delivery of the first vehicles is expected for the third quarter of 2021. The remaining vehicles should be delivered until the end of 2021.

Currently it is that the city administration of Groningen has more than 300 vehicles in their fleet, including 10 fuel cell vehicles that were previously acquired by HCT. Even before the JV with Hyzon, HCT has worked closely with the city of Groningen. The current order supports Hyzons strategic orientation to a partnership with an important European actor. Groningen has set itself the goal of freeing the city center by 2025 and the entire urban area by 2035 of carbon emissions.

“We are proud to provide the city of Groningen’s emission-free vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell drive, while the city further declared its fleet and pursues the goal of becoming free from carbon emissions by 2025. The city of Groningen is known for its groundbreaking sustainability efforts and we look forward to supporting them in building a flourishing, clean energy and hydrogen economy.”- Craig Knight, CEO and co-founder of Hyzon Motors

Groningen is given a special importance in the Netherlands. The city is the so-called energy city. For more than ten years, Groningen has invested in sustainability measures, such as the energetic renovation of public buildings, energy-efficient street lighting and alternative fuels for the drive of the urban vehicle fleet. Groningen is internationally known for its energy sector, energy-oriented knowledge institutes and its local sustainability strategy.

We remember the company’s current project assignments: Hyzon Motors is up to 2026 1.Make 500 with hydrogen fuel cells, emission-free heavy trucks to New Zealand. In parallel, the New Zealand company Hiringa Energy will expand the nationwide infrastructure for hydrogen refueling. The trucks operated with hydrogen fuel cells, which are assembled in Hyzons plant in Winschoten, Netherlands, are manufactured in full compliance with the local New Zealand requirements and the first batch of vehicles is expected to be commissioned until the end of 2021 in New Zealand.

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