Hyzon Motors wants to inject the hydrogen revolution

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Hyzon Motors wants to inject the hydrogen revolution-wants

The fuel cell drive is currently still in front of the typical HENNE EI problem. Say, quantities are needed to reduce costs. Also to give suppliers security for their own planning and continuation towards series maturity. A lot of potential continues to be addressed. Hyzon Motors wants to take this challenge. Own statement after the company was founded to provide complete solutions for dramatic acceleration of the introduction of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

Hyzon prepares for the hydrogen breakthrough in the mass market 2025

Hyzon wants to bring vehicles for mass use on the road – trucks and buses – to support the downstream use of hydrogen production on a large scale. After forward-looking analyzes of the company Colliding the maturity of the infrastructure and vehicle industrialization around the year 2024. It is expected that hydrogen-powered traffic has arrived completely up to about 2025 on the market. At this time, Hyzon wants to have the most own vehicle model on the street to pick up customers.

The company will continue to operate its production facility in Rochester, New York, in Rochester this year. This is the only high performance PEM fuel cell production line throughout the USA. The Rochester plant will develop and assemble all fuel cell system assemblies for hyzone and, in addition to vehicle assembly for the US and other markets, be responsible. Truck and bus units are generally built in the facilities of the partners.

Planned to focus on the following target segments, which either already have appropriate infrastructure or allow the optimal use of hydrogen petrol stations:

  • Commercial vehicles, which are in use with fleet operators
  • Smart City fleets, which are operated by central deposit locations
  • Mobility services with central administration

The aforementioned segments were selected because they enable optimization of the required refueling infrastructure.

Hyzon Motors initially relies on load- then individual traffic

For 2020, the company is planning on an existing bus platform with a city bus – based on an existing bus platform. As well as a heavy load truck, which also builds on an existing platform. In 2021, transporters should follow for goods as well as persons (up to 15 seats). Their range is currently equipped with> 600 km.

From 2022/2023 it will be really interesting. A pickup truck with ranges from 600 to 800 kilometers, with four-wheel drive, developed for harsh conditions to demonstrate the versatility of the horizon fuel cells, should then come to the road. Furthermore, a 4-seater car seat was planned, whose use was provided in the carsharing area, as well as for private users. Up to 600 km range should be possible with a tank filling.

E-cars are currently still in the advantage over hydrogen alternative

This year, the electric car could experience its breakthrough. Numerous manufacturers make new E models on the background of stricter CO2 limit values of the EU. At the same time, the hydrogen car is repeatedly discussed as the supposedly better alternative – but often based on half-knowledge and outdated numbers, the VCD criticizes. Hydrogen as a drive shows no alternative from the point of view of the ecological traffic club (still).

On the other hand, a report published by the Hydrogen Council on the way to competitiveness of hydrogen that the costs for hydrogen solutions in the next ten years could decrease faster and more than expected. For more than 20 different hydrogen applications, such as. B. Fern and heavy transport, industrial heating and raw materials for the heavy industry, which together account for around 15 percent of worldwide energy consumption, appears hydrogen as a good choice in the decarbonization.

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7 thoughts on “Hyzon Motors wants to inject the hydrogen revolution”

  1. 2025 … Download batteries in 5 minutes, range 1200km.

    And drive to 1/2 price of hydrogen, which is still steamed from natural gas steam.

  2. I can only say one thing that the great corporations of change to an eco-friendly technology in German sayed past the ass, as long as you do without much effort and there with associated costs from the old technique so much and as long as possible make a lot of money can. Our politicians always try to give citizens a different picture that you are properly interested in new solutions for the future of the only earth we have to convey. But we all know that capital indicates the course . There are enough examples that you could enumerate, for example, the weapon lobby.

  3. I have just read the article displayed in the link. So easy it is not with immission-free Bev S. Until it is really possible, a lot has to be changed. Just read …
    https: // http://www.geolitico.DE / 2020 / 01/29 / Claim-and-reality-der-Electromobilitet /

  4. The so-called.Energy turnaround will probably take more time. Min. 20 years. This is unbelievable with green activists / spinners. It only works with the help of existing energies and not against you. Professionals are in demand .no politician.

  5. It is a pity that no other or thoughtful opinion is accepted. Immediately you will be stamped to be so important it is that it is company to develop the more open in all directions. Everyone is free for what he decides.
    I am interested in my part for all forms of e mobility, whether BEV or fuel cell or e fuels.
    And do not close everything before.
    In today’s article on this website, over 15 refusal vehicles the fuel cells are reported. Another possibility to save CO2.

  6. EA does not work to stamp or that I do not want to hear critical opinion. Contrast. But it must be a sound opinion and not mitigating, in which one consumes facts and reader aware of the mistake is also a thoughtful opinion but in another sense.

  7. The studies on the CO2 emissions are seen worldwide, which means for the battery’s silicon, cobalt copper, iron, plastic, glass and and everything is produced or mined worldwide . The E vehicles then drive mainly in the sites do not produce CO2 more.
    The burners but masses on CO2. So where is that problem the denier.


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