“I’m not a curser!”

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“I’m not a curser!”

Country musician Tobey Lucas drives a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid – and for good reason.

Christoph Frei and Tobey Lucas with the “Tobey-Lucas-Mobil”, a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid from Emil Frey AG Toyota-Lexus Zurich.

Why is the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid right for you?

I do country music. I need a car that’s a bit bigger. I have a lot of guitars and amps that need space. In addition, a compact SUV goes well with the country lifestyle – that’s why I often like to place it directly in front of the concert location. But since I live in the city, of course I can’t drive around with a huge tractor. Thanks to its hybrid drive, the RAV4 saves an enormous amount of fuel. This combination makes the RAV4 perfect for me.

What do you usually use your car for??

If you see Tobey Lucas driving around, he always has the cart full. Most of the time I drive to concerts, which unfortunately isn’t possible at the moment, and transport music material, CDs, boxes – so the car is always full.

How many kilometers do you drive a year?

I only drive in Switzerland – and around 15,000 kilometers a year.

What do you appreciate most about your RAV4?

If the car is not loaded and you drive ecologically, one tank is enough for more than 900 kilometers – that’s cool!

What must always be with you in the car?

A tarpaulin is always in the car so that I can protect the car when I’m transporting things with rough edges. And of course my USA coolers, which you put over drinks bottles to cool them down. They create an American feeling and are always in my car.
And of course my Tobey Lucas CDs are always with me, so that I can sell them spontaneously or give them away – that’s part of the basic equipment in the “Tobey Lucas Mobile”..

What music do you listen to in the car?

I hear a lot of country in the car, it gives a good feeling. You feel like you’re in America and you can enjoy the freedom. Highway one in Switzerland!
The strong sound system in the RAV4 is of course a perfect match for this.

Which of your songs goes best with the RAV4?

Actually everyone! (laughs). My latest song “Long day without you” fits perfectly. It’s about longing – in a positive sense. Because longing can also be a nice feeling, especially when you think of things like Highway One in America, the beautiful sky and you drive through nature – that’s also a feeling of longing – and it fits perfectly with driving a car.

What do you do more at the wheel: swearing or singing?

To sing! I’m really not a curse. I don’t think that’s any use to anyone. It only makes you unhappy yourself. If you want to die of a heart attack ten years early, keep cursing. Singing is much better – it also keeps traffic flowing more smoothly than swearing.

So people on the street should sing more than swear?

I recommend it to everyone! That makes life a lot easier.

Do you have a dream car??

I find the Toyota Supra extremely cool. I was allowed to test drive it – a real bombshell. Another dream might be a Pontiac Trans Am from the 1980s. As a child, I always saw these cars in films and series. They wouldn’t even be too expensive to buy – but the fuel consumption is unfortunately enormous.

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