IAA: BMW shows hydrogen car IX5 Hydrogen

IAA: BMW shows hydrogen car IX5 Hydrogen-hydrogen

BMW wants to continue the fuel cell technology as an additional option for sustainable mobility. Two years after the debut of the concept vehicle BMW I Hydrogen Next, the company presents the BMW IX5 Hydrogen at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. This is from an announcement of the company. The currently still in the development Activity Vehicle (SAV) with hydrogen drive should be experienced, among other things, in driving active use on the Blue Lane, which connects the exhibition center with other exhibition locations in the city center.

The vehicle developed on the basis of the BMW X5 is intended to be used in a small series for demonstration and testing purposes from the end of the coming year in a small series for demonstration and testing purposes. “With its high-performance fuel cell and its optimized power battery, the BMW IX5 Hydrogen has a globally unique drive system,” says Jurgen Guldner, Head of Hydrogen Technology. “Thus we open up new ways for sustainable driving pleasure.”

The IX5 Hydrogen combined according to BMW fuel cell technology with an EDRive drive of the fifth generation. In this case, an electric power of up to 125 kW / 170 hp is generated and released as the only emission water vapor. For sporty driving maneuvers, the energy stored in a battery is also used. This provides a system performance of 275 kW / 374 hp.

The hydrogen needed to supply the fuel cell is stored according to company information in two 700 bar tanks made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). Together they grasp almost six kilograms of hydrogen. “Filling claims only three to four minutes, so the BMW IX5 Hydrogen is fully applicable with a few and short stops on long routes,” says Guldner.

The aerodynamics wheels of the IX5 hydrogen are equipped according to BMW with sustainably produced tires. The acquisition of the required raw materials successes according to the standards of the independent organization Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). BMW is according to own information of the world’s first automobile manufacturer, which uses the exclusively of Pirelli tires made from certified natural rubber and the wood-based material Rayon already in series cars.

In the case of corresponding framework conditions, the fuel cell drive could become another pillar in the drive portfolio, it is called by BMW. Prerequisite, for example, are the generation of hydrogen with the help of regenerative energy and a corresponding infrastructure. The technique focuses on customers who do not have their own access to electric charging infrastructure, often on long distances or want a high flexibility.

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7 thoughts on “IAA: BMW shows hydrogen car IX5 Hydrogen”

  1. We do not need to discuss the nonsensicality of hydrogen in E cars, Daniel explained us in detail.

    The to supply the Fuel cell Required hydrogen is stored according to company information in two 700 bar tanks made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFK). Together they grasp almost six kilograms of hydrogen.

    Sitting on a 700bar tank gives me somehow a worse feeling than sitting on a 70kWh battery …

    And in the hydrogen smoking of almost 0.9-1.1 kg / 100km, the range of 500-600 km is somehow not contemporary, where now all new BEV models from 500km battery electric range have …

    Well, it remains exciting

  2. 3-4 minutes Ha Ha Ha rarely laughed so that had recently read by someone who had tried a Hyundai Nexo who took his tank process for 30 minutes at a “modern new hydrogen attack” in or around Munich when he had had to be there Wait for 15 minutes until the pressure on the gas station was built for another 5 minutes until the tank process had started then only 5 minutes had to refuel after that he had the luck that he had to wait for a further 5 minutes for a further 5 minutes because of the tankpepe, he was thoroughly thawed that he was could remove and finally continued again This is the reality of hydrogen refueling gives enough Americans who have already found that

  3. To the H2 tank times I looked here.

    … test drive in the new Toyota Mirai


    The refueling itself works as simple as a gas car and is done in five minutes. Provided the gas station works, because The technique is still pretty susceptible, As the ADAC repeatedly determined in his tests in the past. In addition, not every gas station manages to make the tanks in the car very full: often the pressure is missing, and the plant breaks off. A nuisance that you can not start the car, but the action radius can be significantly reduced.

    (Source: ADAC.DE – Nov. 2020)

    And to the possible subsidies here.

    In conversation with Toyota-Mirai drivers in California, “Tesla Blog” found out that thanks 5.000 US Dollar Toyota discount, 7.500 US dollars of state subsidies and a fuel card with a volume of 15.000 US dollars go to zirto tariff.

    (Source: BusinessInsider.DE – June 2021)

    Whether BMW will be so generous to get rid of his H2 vehicles?

    27.500 dollars of discounts for the H2 car from Toyota in the US – there should be no one over the 9.000 Euro in Germany complain to bring about environmental protection with us.

  4. Who still for alternative drives for car still the so-called. “Technology Office” propagates, proves that he is not very dense! This nonsensical BMW vehicle seems to be constructed after the maxim: the main thing expensive! Because we can stop …We are interested in the energy balance as little as climate change!

  5. The presentation of a new hydrogen car should facilitate the sale of further combustion or plugins in the transitional period to the electric car.


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