Iaa in munich: restart for the auto show.

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IAA in Munich

Newly invented

The first car show in Europe since the Corona outbreak is the IAA in Munich – with a completely new concept and electrical innovations.

Audi Grandsphere Concept.

The car will change a lot in the coming years. Ultimately, this also puts the organizers of auto shows under pressure to act.

Because the classic recipe for a trade fair seems to be running out more and more. The number of spectators is shrinking and more and more manufacturers are forgoing an expensive trade fair appearance. The corona pandemic has now given trade fairs an additional, lasting dampener. This can be seen most radically at the «International Automobile Exhibition». The beginnings of the traditional “IAA” even go back to the year 1897, at that time still in Berlin. From 1951, the trade fair was held every other year in Frankfurt – with great popularity. In recent years, however, the trade fair has seen a steady decline in visitors. While more than a million visitors made the pilgrimage to Frankfurt for almost two weeks in 2007, there were still around 800,000 in 2017. In 2019 there were only 560,000. This also made the fair less attractive for exhibitors – in 2019 the second largest car manufacturer Toyota decided not to make an appearance ; as well as Peugeot, Citroën, Fiat-Chrysler and Volvo. Despite the dwindling number of visitors, the effort involved in attending a trade fair also increased; the German manufacturers in particular have trumped each other at their home fair in recent years with ever larger and more spectacular stands. That made an appearance at the IAA even less attractive for smaller manufacturers.

As the first trade fair since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the IAA is making a real restart this week. The concept has been completely renewed, not only due to the pandemic – starting with the venue. Because the exhibition center in Frankfurt was simply no longer up to date. With an area of ​​592,127 square meters and eleven halls, it is the third largest exhibition center in the world! This has always meant that visitors have to walk long distances – and with the dwindling number of exhibitors, there is gigantic empty space. A new venue was also needed for a fresh start; for the first time the IAA is taking place in Munich; also at the exhibition center there, but above all directly in the city center in various “open spaces”. The public should no longer have to travel to the new automobiles, but be able to marvel at them “right outside the door”. With a “Summit”, the IAA wants to change into a mobility conference. However, the core of the event will continue to be vehicle innovations and concepts, which the manufacturers will present in their “Spaces” as a preview of the future. Furthermore, autonomous driving and electric drives are the two main topics that concern the industry. Audi combines both topics with the “Grandsphere Concept”, the vision of a purely electric and fully autonomous luxury model. The manufacturer wants to give a preview of the next generation of the A8 sedan. “We deliberately developed the car from the inside out in order to use the possibilities that electromobility offers us,” explains chief designer Marc Lichte. In the interior, the seats in the front row are particularly important – in contrast to previous luxury sedans, where the important passengers sat in the back and the chauffeur in the front. When the car takes over the driving, the chauffeur becomes obsolete and the passengers enjoy the view in front. Between the axles of the 5.30 meter long sedan is a battery with 120 kWh, which is sufficient for a range of at least 700 kilometers. However, the market launch is not before 2025.

IAA in Munich: restart for the auto show.-restart

BMW iX5 Hydrogen Concept.

BMW wants to remain more flexible in terms of technology – and is showing the iX5 Hydrogen with fuel cell drive, which is to be built in small series at the end of 2022 for demonstration and testing purposes. Things are still more conventional at VW – although the manufacturer is massively expanding its fleet of electric cars. The new Multivan (T7, from mid-October) comes with petrol and diesel engines – and for the first time a plug-in hybrid. The E-SUV ID5 GTX is still shown with camouflage film.

IAA in Munich: restart for the auto show.-auto

VW T7 Multivan.

Mercedes also has a new Stromer with the EQE. The electric counterpart to the E-Class will probably be on the road in 2021 and should offer a range of over 700 km. The all-terrain version of the C-Class, which will be available for the first time and will be available in dealerships at the end of the year, relies exclusively on combustion engines.

IAA in Munich: restart for the auto show.-munich

Mercedes C Class All Terrain.

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