IAA protests ensure hours of traffic jam: Investigations against 25 activists

Dangerous intervention in road traffic and coercion

IAA opponents rope from motorway bridges-investigations against 25 activists

IAA protests ensure hours of traffic jam: Investigations against 25 activists-ensure

Site/Wochit "Just saucy": Passant finds clear words for activists after full closure because of the IAA protest

Activists cheated on the opening day of the IAA Mobility’s Auto Mobility from Autobahnbrucken around Munich. On the A8 and the A96, the roadway was partially closed and traffic was redirected in order to be able to get the demonstrators down, and kilometers of traffic jams formed. Against them is now being investigated.

This was said by a police spokesman in Munich on Saturday. Also on the A92, the A94 and the A95 activists unrolled transparent. Activists also ensured a police operation on the A9, where the highway is also blocked. Overall, a lot of traffic jams were created around Munich through the campaign.

IAA protests ensure hours of traffic jam: Investigations against 25 activists-hours
Peter Kneffel/dpa An activist who took part in a banner campaign on a bridge over the A96 motorway near Germering is taken off

"Block IAA" is on the Autobahn Bridge – the protests provide hours of traffic jams

"Block IAA" was written on the lettering below the motorway bridge on the A96 at the Germering-Sud exit. A police patrol can be seen below the bridge and a helicopter that stands in the air above the highway. Once again "BR" reports, the fire brigade set up jumping pillows under the bridges and supported the use with aerial ladders. Out of a total of 25 demonstrators, personal details were recorded. Due to dangerous intervention in road traffic and coercion, it is now being investigated against them.At the Munich exhibition center, 14 young people with posters rose into a water basin on Tuesday morning. Pictures of floods and forest fires of the past few years were seen on the posters, as well as slogans such as "The climate crisis starts here". The police, which was numerous on the exhibition center, had the activists granted, after about half an hour they left the cold water.

IAA protests ensure hours of traffic jam: Investigations against 25 activists-ensure
dpa Greenpeace activists demonstrate on the exhibition center before the start of the IAA

IAA critic: "Car companies restrict freedom of young people"

"The German auto industry continues to fuel the climate crisis," criticized Greenpeace traffic expert Benjamin Stephan. “With their ruthless shops, VW, Mercedes-Benz and BMW restrict the freedom of young people. In order for this to change, the corporations have to get away from climate -damaging combustion engines much faster.“The IAA car facility takes place this year with a new concept in Munich. Opponents of the trade fair want to disturb their process in order to demonstrate for climate -friendly mobility transition. “We are calling for car -free cities, a strongly expanded and free public transport – especially in the country. And the immediate construction stop of all motorway projects, ”it said in a press release.

IAA: "Our offer for dialogue is"

The Auto industry association VDA criticized the actions and rejected the criticism. "The IAA Mobility shows the way to climate-neutral mobility," said VDA President Hildegard Muller. “And we also discuss with those who disagree. Our offer for dialogue stands. We reject violence and coercion.“Florian Herrmann, head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, condemns the use of the motorway bridges for the protest sharply. Here is one "acceptable limit" has been exceeded, according to the CSU politician.Numerous groups want to demonstrate to the IAA. Among other things, blockages for Friday and a large demonstration for Saturday and a bicycle star trip with tens of thousands of participants are announced.

Catastrophic calculation error: Asteroid apophis hits the earth?

IAA protests ensure hours of traffic jam: Investigations against 25 activists-traffic

Clixoom Catastrophic calculation error: Asteroid apophis hits the earth?

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10 thoughts on “IAA protests ensure hours of traffic jam: Investigations against 25 activists”

  1. IAA
    Already strange that this IAA hardly reported anything….. Has to be a huge success ? … Already strange that this IAA hardly reported anything….. Must have been a huge success, or ? Well, you can confidently paint this event. Then the chaots also have one reason less for their meaningful actions !

  2. So now the whole thing is stuff
    electrical. What must come now that these environmental terrorists are finally satisfied? In my eyes, this terror is the meaning and purpose of the whole exercise. Overall, there is less environmental protection. In my eyes, these people are unbelievable and stupid because they make little or no friends with such actions.

  3. Activist?
    One should finally stop using this glossy word activists for left-green chaots. Would be so -called here "Climate", "Coronaleugner" Or other evil politically undesirable figures hang on the bridge, one would immediately talk about rioters, endangers, criminals or terrorists. And treat them differently, and do not offer them a stage in the media even more or less benevolently.

  4. Why demonstrate? – I don’t understand
    There are only 1000% environmentally friendly e -cars on the IAA – absolutely no CO2…. The only reason for demonstrating would be our Chancellor that she is flying to Munich with a flyer, but the plane has to fly 1000km further than necessary (Cologne – Berlin – Cologne). At the same time, however, there were line flights with Lufthansa. Pure CO2.

  5. Incredible – endangering people without scruples
    You can only hope this "Weak heads" get very high penalties. It would be interesting to know what kind of clubs or parties the lawyers for them "Greens" pay ?

  6. Costs
    All who came to work too late and all hours and fuel consumption etc. , replace and at the same time a prison sentence of at least half a year, without probation. Wan begins to pull through the rule of law, probably not with red red green!

  7. Greenpeace activists at IAA Munich
    What crazy actions to enforce your personal ideology. Namely the departure from the car. The citizen is eliminated entirely. These activists are not interested in what he wants. In an aging society, the call for exclusively public transport or bicycle is completely unsuitable. Or for whom is that supposed to be? Oh so, old people should stay at home if they can no longer. But politics is aimed at everyone. Young and old.

  8. Thanks very much
    …to site for this detailed report on these idiots ! I hope that you condemned all chaots and not just with probation. In all likelihood, all of these are not first offenders. For me there would be at least forced labor on the field, the quarry would be nothing, they start throwing something again with something…..

  9. Call offenders as an activist
    It is incorrect that the press trivialized criminals as activists…..It is high time to say the truth to name and condemn them as criminals

  10. Greenpiece has traffic experts?
    The ZDF gave the today’s resonant to the illegal coercion and hazard campaigns in the news more than our Chancellor. B. Stephan, the activist with a passion for transport and. Climate change issues, want to justify how employment-neutral climbers and swimmers abolish our mobility. What does the climate political scientist know about work, income, commitments and tax levies? Further change could be observed and demonstrated by the ISS. But, please do not abseil!


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