IAA: Schaeffler shows 800 volt technology for E-axes

IAA: Schaeffler shows 800 volt technology for E-axes-e-axes

The automotive supplier Schaeffler presents an 800 volt power electronics for e-axis systems on the IAA Mobility and a highly integrated thermal management system. The new electronics enables permanent benefits of up to 330 kW and short-term excellence of up to 500 kW, states in a Herzogenaurach message. The power density of up to 70 kW per liter means small housing dimensions. Schaeffler relies on own information on silicon carbide. This significantly reduces the power loss compared to conventional silicone IGBT technology.

The technology is increasing according to enterprises, the total ranging range of electric vehicles. Due to the 800 volt voltage class, significantly higher loading speeds are possible than the currently widely used 400 volt solutions. In addition, various modulation methods and variable switching frequencies would also be possible.

How the power electronics harmonics in an overall system, Schaeffler shows on the IAA with its 3in1-e-axis, which combines electric motor, gearbox and power electronics. The in-house software assumes the signal processing and control of the drive. Thanks to the modular structure, the system can meet different requirements and are applied as a result for different vehicle platforms.

Decisive for the range of E-cars is also the thermal management. According to Schaeffler, a continuously and adapted to the environment and operating conditions are carried out control of the temperature – in the battery, but also in the E-engine and in the power electronics. In addition, the system also control the temperature in the vehicle interior and at the same time ensure the best possible vehicle line width, it says.

The central control unit for cooling and refrigerant integrates with company data two electric water pumps, the central electronics unit for the pumps and valves and a refrigeration circuit interface. The need for space is reduced by up to 60 percent compared to conventional systems.

That Schaeffler was on the right track, numerous serial nominations in the field of electrified drives, says board member Matthias Zink. In the E-Mobility division, order intake in the first half of 2021 was 2.1 billion euros, Schaeffler said. Thus, the Planziel issued for the full year 2021 is already reached. From 2022, an annual order intake of two to three billion euros was planned in the area.

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  1. The so-called. 800V “Technology” again. This is about that if you simply install twice as strong pumps at the gas station to double pumps to double the delivery quantity. The drive in the burner improves this in any way. Such a nonsense would not believe a single combustion driver. Which the tank operation would accelerate by simultaneously ensuring that the tank is also upgraded accordingly so much fuel in such a short time to take up at all is comprehensible. The next hurdle would be the ability to deliver so much more energy in such a short time in electrical comparison! What if twenty columns suddenly everyone wants to fully charged with 800V? The whole thing for me has the clear taste for pure marketing. Somehow you have to be ahead of the impression of the competition (Tesla). Otherwise, horrendous prices can hardly be justified.Unfortunately, the industry leader Mercedes and Tesla in terms of charging speed and reach both with 400V travel! Strange?


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