IAA ticker: Volkswagen wants to go off-road with the Tiguan


Volkswagen wants to go off-road with the Tiguan

IAA ticker: Volkswagen wants to go off-road with the Tiguan-volkswagen

You can also drive off-road with the VW Tiguan

Source: VW

With the Tiguan, Volkswagen is entering the class of light off-road vehicles. Also in the IAA ticker: Honda is presenting a near-series station wagon study, and Continental has developed an inexpensive emergency brake assistant for passenger cars.

+++ Following the trend towards light off-road vehicles, throws VW now the Tiguan into the race. While the new one in profile to a higher one golf remembers, there are also features of the big brother on the front Touareg again. The five-door is offered in two body styles, which mainly differ in the front sections. The Lifestlye version is not as suitable for off-road use as the version, which has been designed more for off-road use, with its higher front section. There is a choice of three gasoline and two diesel engines to drive the all-wheel drive, all of them turbocharged direct injection. The power spectrum ranges from 140 hp to 200 hp. With the diesel engines VW no longer on pump-nozzle technology, but on common rail injection. +++

+++ Honda grants a preview of its new mid-range model Accord . To this end, the Japanese are showing a near-series study of the station wagon version at the IAA. The ninth Accord generation is due to come onto the market in mid-2008, and a notchback sedan that is 4.93 meters long is also planned in addition to the station wagon. There is a choice of two 2.4-liter petrol engines with 182 and 203 hp and a diesel with 140 hp. +++

+++ For the Japanese, the fuel cell will be the driving force of the future. In the ready-to-drive study Honda FCX three electric motors supplied with electricity by the small hydrogen power plant provide propulsion; one unit drives the front axle, two wheel hub motors set the rear wheels in motion. Together, the units produce 129 hp and accelerate the Japanese to 160 km / h. The range is 570 kilometers suitable for long distances. The futuristically designed four-door model is currently being tested by leasing customers, and series production is scheduled to start in 2008. +++

+++ An inexpensive car emergency brake assistant for small and medium-sized vehicles is also available Continental in the centre. The system is intended for use in city traffic and uses infrared sensors to monitor a space ten meters in front of the vehicle. In the event of an impending collision, the brakes automatically build up pressure so that the maximum deceleration effect is immediately available when the pedal is pressed.

In addition, the belts can be tightened or the deployment of the airbag can be prepared. Similar systems are already used in vehicles in the upper classes; they mostly work with radar sensors. Although they are more expensive, they can monitor a larger area and also work at higher speeds. +++

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