IG Metal: Tesla is under observation

IG Metal: Tesla is under observation-observation

Production in the first European Tesla plant in Brandenburg Grunheid will soon be released, after a few delays through numerous citizenships. ELON MUSK has ever gained a first impression that he is not only received in Europe with open arms. Now Ig Metal Chef JOrg Hofmann is in position and looks at him on the fingers.

US employer – and in special Tesla – are not necessarily known for best working conditions. Works councils and entrepreneurial co-determination of employees are usually new territory for them. Of course, Hofmann evaluates the establishment of the factory as a positive signal for the investment site Germany, which has not seen any investment in the automotive sector since the turnover. Each workplace in a region that is in the middle of structural change with the end of coal crime structure is welcome. But he has a watchful car on how the recruiting expires and look like employment contracts. “At the moment, Tesla sets hierarchy from top to bottom. So far, the leadership rates and specialists are on board.”How Hofmann explains. The recruitment of normal production-employed successes only gradually. In any case, he does not assume that someone from the regional labor market planned by the collective agreements of the IG metal would change to Tesla, “if he has to accept significant wage losses.”Otherwise, that’s what employees do not necessarily come from the auto industry.

That Tesla has little experience with trade union structures, among other things, it shows that already a works council is already elected, although the mass of the production staff is not yet on board. Hofmann would rather have seen it if all employees could participate in the election. But he stresses that it is legally possible to re-elect the works council after two years if the number of employees significantly increased. So far, around 1.800 employees on board, the production can only start 6.000 employ 000.

The new work in the middle of the Autohochburg Germany will pixen the market at any rate, especially with regard to electromobility. Hofmann confirms that the domestic companies have been pushing for years to gain a tooth in this area. As a brother of the development, he does not see the IG metal at any rate, at Volkswagen it would have been the works council that would have urged that the plant in Wolfsburg also gets an electric vehicle palette and is invested in a completely new autofabrik only for electrical models. Even if it is clear that for the production of electric cars less employees are necessary than for the burner, Hofmann is far sighting: “In order for the job reduction to become too drastically, we must build most of the value chain of these cars in Germany, including just include The battery cells, power electronics or sensors, battery recycling and associated with a consistent circular economy for reducing the raw material import.”In addition, in products and services for sustainable mobility have been invested.

Well, he also finds the plan of the Federal Government, for suppliers, which are heavily specialized in parts for internal combustion engines, set a transformation fund. The IG Metall also supports regional transformation networks to help search for sustainable alternative business models. No easy endeavor, for example, the entire regional economic structure of the Saarland depends on how it continues with these companies. That’s influence on the entire prosperity of the region. “It’s about the reconstruction of the German management industry automobile, not an exit” as he emphasizes. In any case, the IG metal expects that hardly any more combustion vehicles will be developed from 2028, if no combustions are allowed in Europe from 2035. The time urges.

Roses scatters the longtime trade union chief of the climate policy of the new government. Before the election he had warned that a non-thought-out procedure could destroy tens of thousands of jobs. The new timetable of the coalition partners, however, also includes concrete measures as well as interim and transitional scenarios in addition to the goals. Employees would build bridges in new tasks without drowning unemployment, especially by qualification measures to a second professional qualification, if the original career choice becomes the dead end. The design of the collective agreements must also follow the new business models, where they can not be developed by the companies even themselves and are sometimes outlined by divisions collective agreements. The Federal Government must stop. Public contracts should only be awarded to companies that pay for tariff.

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8 thoughts on “IG Metal: Tesla is under observation”

  1. Great, the German automotive industry (whose members are largely union members – or?) is repeatedly surprised by strong demand for BEVs but the union has been pushing for the change to e-mobility years ago.

    Yes, who now has to take the “black peter”?

    But that is now a societal phenomenon:
    Guilt are always the others &# 128521;

    Time wants Tell – main thing electrically &# 128521;

  2. The union should be difficult to grasp in operation. I would surprise me if the upstream external recruitites have no black lists with union members. Also, the new employees should not have great affinity to trade unions. They come from small companies or from Poland.

    You can also see how it is today when the union ruled. Then the employer no longer helps themselves, but forms a network of juiced small organisms, which are subcontracted and where no union has to say something. This is the succession of the temporary work, which the legislator broken to unattractiveness. And only cow trade with the unions leads to individual acquisitions.

    So unions will wait if it comes to incidents as in the USA. More will not be more about you. The money is difficult to attack. The salaries start at 2800 € gross, which is quite fair for the region and work. Wherever it does not exactly know if the union does not have any influence on other ways: Finally, Tesla is just negotiating over a recording with the VDA.

  3. The German structures will also complicate for Tesla innovation. Business councils sitting on their pfrounded have also contributed to a considerable part for the stopping of dinos. If Tesla had built in Poland, now cars would run from the band. Of course, the German dinos want to prevent the launch of Tesla by all means. That you should do so best with good products seem to do not seem to get them, or. You just do not work.
    IG Metall has a lot of too much in Germany. That an IG metal imperters in political considerations, as ill this system is. But Tesla will lay away this theater or simply move.

  4. “Well, he also finds the plan of the Federal Government, for suppliers, which are heavily specialized in parts for internal combustion engines, set up a transform fund.”

    Absolutely right. Who can expect from a management that the times themselves have ideas, are creative and recognize in good time the market will ask other products in the future ..
    As long as it certainly gives money from the state a superfluous effort.

    Or is there seriously anyone who believes that training keeps fit?

  5. Now the pressure on Tesla has to rise to equip all its sealed surfaces of the new factory with photovoltaics and stores.

    And there must be at least a light “city / land model” with change battery, which makes it possible for an affordable amount at least the remainder of the middle class to use its own solar technology for loading.

    Otherwise, the entire electromobility would only be a self-confissing and another predatory construction at the communal resources in favor of fewer welfongers Consumer (Sic!).

    But on the track, however, the many remain that have to increase today or have no work anymore (allowed). Because water charges, gas and electricity costs will continue to increase significantly! Or will Tesla here maybe start the great easter surprise and a “Volksmobil” (ebike, Elastenrad, etc.to bring to the market for cheapest conditions?

  6. The joke is good, “the IG metal is ready”. Then Tesla will be glad to pay the works councils to brothel trips to Brazil. This is really important for Tesla to be competitive to VW. And the Teslarians will also be happy if you are allowed to press 1% of their salary monthly to the IG metal! Is a true loose-loose situation, with the tariff gadgets.

  7. Hi,
    I was busy for 45 years at HP.We were all glad that there was almost no trade unionists in the company.Without unions, we were always much better than the employees of the companies in which the unions had power.Our payment was far more and easier and the social offerings too.I hope Tesla successfully defends itself against the officials of the unions. Bad example is Z.B . VW.
    Only without official mold, trade union officials and cooperative together becomes Tesla
    remain successful and innovative.Trade unions are no longer part of our time.They only serve as a job engine for the whole workshowing officials.


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