IKEA: Customer deliveries from 2025 emission-free!

IKEA: Customer deliveries from 2025 emission-free!-ikea

At the Swedish furnishing company IKEA are the signs in the direction of electromobility. With its Sustainability Strategy “People & Planet Positive” you have put on ambitious goals, which should be achieved by 2030. These goals have now been confirmed by the Science Based Targets initiative to help companies achieve the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement. One of the goals is the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the transport of customers and employees and customer supplies compared to 2016 by 50 percent absolutely reduce.

In order to achieve this, 25 percent should be processed by 2020, until 2025 then 100 percent of customer deliveries on electric vehicles or other emission-free vehicles will be handled. Furthermore, one will look for solutions to accommodate their own shops closer to the city centers, in order to be closer to the customer and thus also reducing a reduction in transport emissions. In France, IKEA and Renault are progressing the carsharing. Between the mobility service provider Renault Mobility, a subsidiary of the Renault Group, and IKEA FRANCE has been agreed with a corresponding cooperation. There, e-cars should also be used.

By 2019, all IKEA locations in Germany should have a quick-loading electric gas station. To supply the Charge Lounge with electricity, IKEA has partnered with DB Energie, the Energy Service Provider of Deutsche Bahn, which EVTEC AG for the charging infrastructure and the Run GmbH for design and design of the lounge. To operate the charging columns IKEA uses 100 percent green electricity. The charging is free for all.

Furthermore, IKEA has set itself the goal of greenhouse gas emissions from the value chain until 2030 compared to 2016 to reduce at least 15 percent absolutely. Within the company, depending on the influence of the various climate labilians, ambitious goals are set. So there is a climate balance in terms of materials, on food but also for transport or production at the supplier. Since transport and transportation to the customer make up about 20 percent of the climate footprint at IKEA, one may assume that more is optimized here.

So IKEA focuses on reducing the number of shipments to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels through alternatives and to consider consideration how the transport supply chain can be changed. The IKEA Group is the largest franchisee of the company Inter Ikea with 363 furniture stores in 29 countries.

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