IKEA receives 30 electric transporter from Quanton

IKEA receives 30 electric transporter from Quanton-ikea

The International Furniture Company IKEA has fallen on the electromobility – remember only on the recently presented kit “HOga” … Now the Swedes have set the goal of becoming a climate assignment by 2030. The e-mobility specialist Quantron AG supports IKEA in this mission and supplies a logistics center at Vienna (Austria) with 30 eco-friendly E vehicles. Through this change, according to the company in the first year, around 117.000 deliveries were performed emission-free and the CO2 emissions are thus reduced by more than 300 tonnes. This would correspond to more than 1.5 million track kilometers and over 65 percent of all deliveries in the Vienna area.

Already in June, the first fully electric “Q-Light”, a small staster, used by Quanton for extensive testing in the IKEA logistics center. With a range of at least 170 km, a drive capacity of 100 kW and a maximum charging power of 70 kW, the e-transporters should be ideally equipped for routes between IKEA locations and delivery addresses of customers. The vehicles are used first for deliveries in all 23 Viennese community districts and within 30 km to the logistics center. According to Quantron, the electricity for the vehicles via photovoltaic systems is generated and thus to 100 percent of renewable energies.

Andreas Haller, founder and Executive Board of Quanton AG: “We are pleased that we can support IKEA in the important step towards emission-free delivery with our knowledge and expertise.”With his transition to electromobility IKEA International uses an important sign for a green future. Also Claes Lindgren, Country Customer Fulfillment Manager at IKEA Austria, expressed itself to the new acquisition: “Climate protection can not be postponed, therefore IKEA is consistently working to save emissions and to become climatic (…).

And on: “Today the starting signal for the use of our new environmentally friendly quanton vehicles falls in Vienna. At the end of this month, a car-free IKEA furniture store will open at the Westbahnhof Wien, which supplies the purchased goods to our customers directly and environmentally friendly.”IKEA Austria also plan to rule out this supplying concept in the near future throughout Austria. In addition, the full transition to emission-free vehicles on the agenda stand up to 2025.

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2 thoughts on “IKEA receives 30 electric transporter from Quanton”

  1. Very good IKEA 1+

    A car-free buying experience … Interesting ..
    If you will find IKEA more often in inner cities?

    basically feasible if all furniture already incl. Delivery is offered ..
    Or all can be ordered in the store for pickup in stock or delivery

    It remains exciting

  2. Local delivery should be carried out in principle electrically free of emission.
    Most supplies do not require reloading a day, but remain the stinking exhaust gases of the burners.
    The post has practiced it for years, why do not the others do it?


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