IKEA X RENAULT: “HOga” – E-car in the self-made kit


IKEA and RENAULT apply in their way as drivers of e-mobility. But now the two companies make common cause and bring an e-car in the self-made kit on the street. “HOga”, which means “big” in Swedish, shows how to start 5.300 euros can assemble an electric car from 374 parts yourself.

So at least the idea of the young American designer Ryan Schlotthauer, who has already worked for Cadillac and shows in this design project, how the first electric car produced by IKEA could look like. The e-car was built to build himself as a draft as a final thesis at the College for Creative Studies, which is considered one of the world’s leading design schools.

By combining the production, packaging and distribution network of IKEA with the Renault Electromobility Technology, a real car was considered that is fully electric and comes in a practical 374-piece kit, so the thought behind the streamer.

“The idea behind the project was to develop a vehicle that costs less than a used car. I wanted to do something that is simple and affordable for people who can not afford any luxury car. I decided for Ikea and Renault because they fit perfectly: Both companies drive the sustainability of their products and go to the mass market. In my opinion, sustainability is the most important principle of modern design: It is worthless to design a car today, which lands on the junkyard.”- Ryan Schlotthauer, Designer

How Slottsheiefs showed himself to the philosophy of the two brands and created a sustainable, economical and “renewable” car. The vehicle is understood as a modular project, which can easily be assembled using a toolbox. 2.3 meters long and 1.8 meters high comes the E-vehicle with four wheels made of traditional body materials therefore

IKEA X RENAULT: Ryan Schlotthauer | IKEA & RENAULT

Schlottschauer orders the E-“HOga” as follows: “To design a product with a longer life cycle, makes it possible to introduce yourself to an environmentally friendly future. This concept combines the two strengths of IKEA and Renault, which bring all the conditions to create an extraordinary vehicle like this.”However, it should also be clear that we sprung the electric vehicle, from the fantasy of Schlezhauer, not to see so fast at IKEA or RENAULT. This is already due to the appropriate safety test.

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6 thoughts on “IKEA X RENAULT: “HOga” – E-car in the self-made kit”

  1. Okay, Ikea … which parts are missing today? &# 128521;
    Anyway, such a way out is by no means. Who likes comparatively cheap and without special demands in the near range of A to B, which will possibly be. find his joy. For me that would be something.
    The helicopter of Raven (manufacturer Robinson, USA) can also be purchased as a kit: https: // rotorcorp.COM / ROBINSON-R44-Overhaul kits / such things would be feasible if they are realistic here, I can not say. So far this was not a big topic here in Germany, but in the UK you have experiences: https: // http://www.Manager magazine.DE / Lifestyle / Car / A-770980.HTML

    Approvals for self-built vehicles regulates -> https: // http://www.Law IM Internet.DE / STVZO_2012 / __ 21.HTML

  2. An innovative idea! Please do not forget the “pitched straps” for the further development for the Billy Regal! Up to 4.50 m altitude is a payload possible!

  3. Why assemble yourself and take your earnings to workers in North Africa?

    Why always these “stupid” extravagant designs in new ideas for small e-cars?

    You can not easily look like Citroen Ami, Microlino or Eli Zero?
  4. Class, great that there is something like that. Ikea – thumbs up.
    I wish the people on this planet more such projects, like this and z.B. Sono Motors who recognize a weak point of German Automileustruie under the roof of the VDA.
    The economy of the corporations, which only stare on the profit, will make them the losers.
    The shares of the combustion industry (which the foundation for a healthy detention on the planet with feet kicking) have already entered the descent.
    Here is a future on the way that can easily, affordable, sustainable, economical and renewable. &# 128578;
    So everything that the German car industry can not and does not want the German car industry under the VDA. &# 128521; Then there would be no major board bonuses and dividends more. &# 128521; And one would have to do without people who only obey the industry. &# 128521;
    Renault is the right partner in this process.
    I think it’s great.
    My current consumption with a Renault Zoe to 100 km: 14.2 kW / h &# 128578; And the summer comes first. &# 128521;

  5. I really hope that was no joke and you can buy something soon SOren. Since I am very interested in I would soon have a favorable new car to buy so sparingly as the old diesel smart or even better electric. Build the self-assembling me completely and lets it look like a joke, because it really makes the Eauto really cheaper and what if man makes a mistake 12 screws for forgets or so can not it on the highway. Essiden the construction concept is idiot-safe z.B with YouTube Video or App Instructions Plus Simple plugsythem with special clips Which snap and easy visible characters where parts are jammed with rivets and empowered. Of course, screws and mother but only a few thickness. All in all, it will be much safer stable and faster than the Trabbi and very good for sale. I would say if a TuV would be trained, he could also remove such a vehicle. But unfortunately the German bureaucracy. Please bypass somehow. We need more such sustainable projects . Incidentally, I still have such an IDE: such a car could please simply include 3 classes of different removable battery packs, short distance medium-wide and long-distance. If it would be possible somehow man but could drive on a large gas station with a lot of solar on the roof in a car wash and choose it by app how far man goes to visit only in the city or the grandma in the country. And then this system would change the battery packs within 7 minutes So the trunk works on how a controlled printer that wants to be changed and either two employees or a gripping arm opens a deep flap on the underbody and pulls the long batterypache rods individually out perhaps 3 to Four pieces from behind to front C.a 2 meter long. And gives them in the sorting which they stored for the store. The driver pays a washing pince or just a Pfand C.A 30 € for the fresh full batteries and if everything is waterproof again gets the vehicle gets a car wash on Tob. Maybe such a plant is on an IKEA parking. Because with many drones you can recharge the batteries and swap similarly to the battery drill bit or law mower. Please please this is a lucrative business and certainly does not take 8 hours per hour at a maximum of half an hour in the man yes what could eat. For all the shitty hot computers nowadays can not be found that. Oh and one more Renault is bad the shaky plugs of Ikea and Renault. Should give you such a WISO because not with Mercedes Dimler Z.n The new IKEA ESMART self construction work with TuV warranty for min 6 years. 5300 € and he belongs to you where you can invite him home in just 6 hours overnight and he stops when he is full or the net is loaded but at a special tank can be fooled in just 7 minutes Lessig the batteries as with a meline team Lead the price of a flat rate of only € 25.99 Whole 550- 600 km away or in another 7 minutes a total of 50 € 1200 km with just one stop at the Tank for 75 € 1800km for 100 € or 99 € 2400 km Far 125 € 3000 km with only 5 stops to piss eat wash and super high-speed cordless thing thank you very much. Please hurry with it.

  6. Yes, it will come – E cars at Conrad / Ikea and Aldi ..
    Who controls the correct assembly ? Can the TuV? ?
    Then we still need a speed limit on the highways ..
    Only what builds our automotive industry ? She is with her ps monsters
    Feeled 100 years rear ..


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