In 1.1 seconds to 100: Video shows the hammer acceleration of the new Roadster – News

More than twice as fast as a nozzle jet at the start: The New Tesla Roadster could accelerate to 100 things in just 1.1 seconds. The electric drive alone is not enough. For this monster thrust, the roadster must also be equipped with nozzle technology.

The data from the upcoming, "normal" Tesla Roadster read like the dream of every fan faster sports car. Accordingly, the e-racer accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 2.1 seconds. It is the fastest ever built car that goes into a row. The top speed is more than 400 km/h. The Roadster battery ranges for up to 1.000 kilometers. The design is sporty, aerodynamic and reflects the enormous performance potential. Four seats and all -wheel drive ensure driving comfort, we reported.

The whole thing is now to be topped by the roadster with an optional nozzle package, borrowed from Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX, reports the blog Teslamag. Tesla CEO Musk has already said to the SpaceX nozzle technology that compressed air is pumped into a special tank with around 690 bar. This air is then expelled via nozzles at the rear of the vehicle, which briefly generates a strong propulsion.

The 3D artist @Pslavi shows in his new YouTube clip what this could look like in practice. Without further ado, he lets a Tesla roadster without (red) and one with SpaceX package (black) compete against each other in a virtual quarter-mile race. The 8.8 seconds that the red standard roadster requires according to @Pslavi for the quarter mile (402 meters) are record. With SpaceX booster there are only 7.95 seconds on the stopwatch.

Feasibility in practice raises questions.

Depending on the attachment and alignment of the nozzles, this thrust can also be used for braking or increasing the contact pressure or even for a short hover. If such things are actually planned, some questions of feasibility arise. Very compressed air not only creates a lot of noise when leaving, precisely because of the great pressure there is also a high risk of injury.

By the way: The record for the quarter mile is currently only 8.06 seconds and thus below the virtual brand of the normal roadster in the clip from @Pslavi. It was actually set up by an e-racer, but not by one from Tesla. On the occasion of a race between a Ferrari SF90 and a Rimac Nevera, the Nevara not only cracked the Ferrari, but also the record, as the Carwow YouTube clip shows:

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6 thoughts on “In 1.1 seconds to 100: Video shows the hammer acceleration of the new Roadster – News”

  1. The development work
    In a better, more mass -compatible drive technology instead of the battery with all of theirs … In a better, more mass -compatible drive technology instead of the battery with all its disadvantages, would be far more sensible than developing a toy. Oh, by the way, what I notice: Where is the toy actually? So far, as usual with Musk, there was only a lot of tamtam. I find such cars like many others with high performance that are actually only superfluous, stupid and meaningless on the streets worldwide. You have no use of it. I have long been a weight -dependent vehicle performance as an approval criterion.

  2. Olle camels…
    You should watch and listen to the video carefully. From 0 0.42 it says in the video, "Tesla wants to launch the new roadster from 2020…" and later, "It will take until 2019 for Tesla to process all orders". Well, according to Gene Roddenberry and "Star Trek", "Tesla, infinite promises… We write the year 2021 and the new roadster is on 08. Nothing to see in June far and wide…"

  3. In 1.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h
    This corresponds to a g force of around 2.8g on the human body. Only for comparison, the pilot of a Formula racing car learns 1-1.5 g at the start.

  4. great !
    Also really makes sense, with a company. Thought they wanted to save world climate with their battery boxes. Now you also want to install rockets in the car ? Oh well…"want and could"…. A lot of reports from Tesla begin…..

  5. Whisper…!!!
    In 1.1 seconds to 100… you can still drive it without a pressure suit, as it is used in fighter jets?

  6. Oh well
    So some people are just not to be impressed by it at all. You know, for us it is just strange comments, for him it is everything he has. By the way, why don’t you write your comments with real names? I don’t assume that they are really called Herbie Hunter.


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