In addition to e-SUVs, Skoda also uses electric sedans and station wagons

In addition to e-SUVs, Skoda also uses electric sedans and station wagons-electric

The development of the portfolio is now going faster and faster because the demand for e-cars is increasing significantly. Skoda made this clear a few days ago. Three electric cars below the Enyaq iV are being planned. Two of them are to be launched as small SUVs, and an electric equivalent of the Octavia is also planned. Skoda will also offer other models as SUVs on the way to complete electrification and replace its most popular vehicles by electric cars.

The Autobild wants to know more details about coming Skoda electrolimousins. The electrolimousine is to build by motor image on the upcoming Scalable Systems Platform (SSP), the new electrical architecture that is currently being developed in Volkswagen Future Project Trinity. Their benefits to the current VW platform MEB include, among other things, an 800 volt battery technology for significantly faster charging, optimized and significantly flatter battery modules as well as autonomous driving on Level 4.

The market launch is intended to follow the development planning of Trinity to be provided for 2026 – then as an e-variant of the currently best-selling model of the brand, the Skoda Octavia. However, this should probably not bear the name of the successful vehicle. As Skoda is pursuing a similar product strategy to parent company Volkswagen, marketing its new bespoke electric cars separately from existing combustion models.

“The station wagon shape has been very successful for Skoda, and this shape defines Skoda in a way,” explained Martin Jahn, Skoda’s chief sales and marketing officer. “We will do the same with the new electric cars. Much like today, it will be primarily an SUV, but there will be other forms as well.Nonetheless, SUVs make up a large part of the brand’s sales and the first three bespoke EVs will all be in this segment. The Enyaq iV will soon be followed by a smaller crossover, and Skoda’s entry-level model, due to launch around 2025, will be a compact, city-ready electric car modeled on the Volkswagen ID 2.

However, Sales and Marketing Director Martin Jahn told Autocar that Skoda does not intend to become an SUV manufacturer exclusively: “We are committed to the needs of our customers. We will always try to find shapes and body forms that expect our customers in the future. I think we will continue with the vehicle range of Octavia and Superb. We still see a need for these cars, so there will be you for a while.”

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3 thoughts on “In addition to e-SUVs, Skoda also uses electric sedans and station wagons”

  1. I think after the last Bloch video of AMS for the charging performance of the Lucid, where the layman was well explained well, why 400V from the middle class are only a transitional technique, should be clear, the SSP is a MEB also with a larger range of lengths and Wide, but above all with a stronger differentiation of technology.

  2. In the end, every company will calculate with a sharp pencil, and if the very special use case of a sales representative should justify the additional price for the more expensive 800V technology, then so be it – for the vast majority and with the appropriate battery technology, the 400V technology will be fully used for many years to come should be sufficient – there should be more and more people who don’t let their work-life balance be ruined by a few more minutes at the charging station.
    The rest should happily continue to emulate the life-shortening ideal of “faster-higher-further”.
    True to the motto: whoever dies earlier is dead longer.
    I’d rather opt for life and a whole episode of Netflix on the Supercharger 😉


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