In China Teslas Model X becomes Xpeng

Xiaopeng G3

Legal copy: In China, Teslas Model X becomes Xpeng

In China Teslas Model X becomes Xpeng-teslas
Xiaopeng Xiaopeng presented its G3 on the CES

China’s car manufacturers are occasionally accused of copying from western manufacturers. At Xiaopeng, however, the plagiarism is wanted.

China’s electric car start-up is serious: At the end of April, the self-declared Tesla competitor wants to go into advance with the E-SUV G3. The technology for the crossover, which was initially only offered in China, comes from the California model: Xiaopeng (short: Xpeng) is the first manufacturer to use the public Tesla patent. The Californians had released the data to promote electromobility worldwide. The G3 had already celebrated its premiere at the CES electronics fair in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year.

Tesla patent on board

The start-up, which was only founded in 2014, has already lured solvent investors. The Chinese companies Foxconn and Alibaba are said to have invested around $ 350 million, and another almost three billion dollars are to be collected this year. Xiaopeng thus joins the growing series of Chinese e-car manufacturers, which senses good business in the largest electric car market in the world. Most recently, newcomers such as Byton, Faraday Future, Lucid Motors, NIO or SF Motors had made headlines.

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In China Teslas Model X becomes Xpeng-model

Site/Wochit You will find electric cars stupid? This video could change your opinion

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