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With the introduction of the new catalog of fines last November, the penalty amounts for speed violations have been increased. But in which German cities you have to be careful of flashes? Site clarifies. In the video you can see how to activate speed camera in Google Maps.

Since November 2021, the violation of speed limits has become even more expensive than before. At least if you are caught by a speed camera. But in which German cities you have to be careful as a driver? The Goldenstein law firm has evaluated data from various speed camera apps and has come to the conclusion that the speed camera density is by no means the same everywhere.

Blitter hotspots: Wuppertal, Freiburg and Bonn

The leader among all German cities is Wuppertal. With an average of 34 flashes per day 1.The North Rhine-Westphalian city has 000 hectares of street area the highest speedy density nationwide.

This is followed by Freiburg (22.3), Bonn (21.6), Stuttgart (21.4), as well as Bremen (20.9). Wiesbaden (20.8), Karlsruhe (20.3), Aachen (18.5), Hanover (17.5) and Bielefeld (17.1) also made it into the top ten of the highest speed camera density.

It is striking that large cities such as Berlin (6.4), Hamburg (8.8) or Munich (9.5) below the nationwide average of 11.8 flashes per day 1 each.000 Hector street space.

But why is it that a city like Wuppertal seems to have a disproportionate speedster? "Our analysis shows that the most speed cameras are also set up in the largest German cities.", Explains lawyer Alexander Voigt. "Measured on the street area, however, Wuppertal lands by far in first place in our ranking. This is mainly due to the fact that solid speed cameras were installed in Wuppertal in Germany, even though the city with 1406 hectares of street area lands just 25th place on the 40 analyzed cities."

Drivers can breathe a sigh of relief in these cities

The comparatively lowest speed -blitzer density recorded Halle (3.2), Duisburg (3.1), Braunschweig (3) and Krefeld (1.7). Magdeburg (0.9) can have the lowest lightning density nationwide.

Alexander Voigt recommends using a speed camera app to avoid unsightly surprises. "With a look at a speed camera app, you can check whether speed controls are made on the respective route.", explains the lawyer. Many drivers wonder whether the use of a speed camera app is legal at all. Our colleagues from clarify the question in this practical tip.

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