Indestructible: Eight military cars for private street combat


Eight military cars for private street combat

This is how the monster Mercedes plows through the desert

With the G 63 AMG 6×6 V8 Biturbo, Mercedes presents a true desert conqueror. The huge jeep chases through any terrain without any problems, even if it has to leave some air. Source: Mercedes Benz, Die Welt


They were built for use in war, but can also be used for private use in crises. These martial-looking cars can be bought, the cheapest for less than 30,000 euros.

The lobster is perhaps the best-known representative of this strange genre, the mother of the company, so to speak, to stay in the picture. In the early 1980s, AM General put a moving battleship on wheels for the military for the first time, which also found numerous admirers – and buyers – in the civilian sector.

About ten years later, versions for road use went into production, which anyone interested in cars still turns to today. Event agencies, big managers and vulnerable celebrities use this impressive vehicle and polarize with it.

In 1999 the brand name Hummer was transferred to General Motors sold. From then on, the US automaker was responsible for the sale of the Hummer. The H1 was followed by two other models, the H2 and H3. The production of the H1 was stopped in 2006, only remnants came onto the market. The H3 expired in 2010.

G 63 AMG 6×6: Daimler’s nine-ton monster

But there have long been equally potent alternatives for private use in crises. The 6×6 model of the Mercedes G-Class is such an eye-catcher. Not only are the three driven axles striking, but also the large loading area behind the bare cab. This G63 was also initially made for the (Australian) military designed.

Depending on the structure and load, the monster weighs up to nine tons. The optional armoring increases the curb weight significantly by 6.5 tonnes. Daimler is now also delivering the model to private customers; most of the customers reside in the Persian Gulf.

The more than 30-year history of the G-Class is closely linked to military operations. She was sent to the armies of Argentina, Norway, Austria and Switzerland delivered. Only then did Daimler also deliver to the German Federal Armed Forces. It has been driven with the internal name "Wolf" for years.

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