Innovation bonus extended until the end of 2022

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Innovation bonus extended until the end of 2022-extended

The coalition agreement focuses on sustainable, affordable mobility that is suitable for everyday use. Among other things, it provides for the innovation bonus to be continued until the end of 2022. To this end, the federal government has adjusted the current funding guidelines for electric vehicles. She occurs on 1. effective January 2022.

From the coalition agreement for the 20th. Legislature is highlighted: “In particular due to existing delivery difficulties in the manufacturers with already ordered plug-in hybrid vehicles, we become the innovation premium to support the purchase of electrical cars unchanged after the previous regulation up to 31. December 2022 continue.We want to reform the subsidy for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on a degressive basis and fundamentally so that they can be. January 2023 will only be issued for vehicles that have a proven positive climate protection effect, which is only defined by an electric proportion of driving and a minimum electric range.”

With the innovation premium, the state’s share of the so-called environmental bonus is doubled. The environmental bonus is the joint contribution of the federal government and industry, with which the sale of electrically powered vehicles is to be promoted. The federal government wants to give electromobility a further boost and focus funding more on climate protection. “Until the reorganization (…) we are extending the current innovation premium until the end of 2022,” said Economics and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck. The currently applicable funding guideline for electric vehicles has been adjusted accordingly and will come into effect on 1 January 2020. January 2022 in force. Electric vehicles within the meaning of ยง 2 of the Electromobility Act (EMOG) are electrical powered vehicles, distinguishing between three types of electric vehicle: pure battery electric vehicles ride exclusively with battery. They are purely battery operations and only use the battery as an energy source. Plug-in hybrids combine a combustion with an electric motor. Your battery can be charged on the power grid. Fuel cell vehicles have a drive whose energy converter consist exclusively of a fuel cell and at least one electric drive machine.

Continue up to 9.000 Euro promotion

Buyers and buyers of purely electrically powered vehicles continue to receive up to 9 in 2022.000 Euro promotion; Of this, the federal government takes over 6.000 EURO. Plug-in hybrids will be at a maximum of 6.750 euros subsidized, the state share is still 4 for the time being.500 euro. The new funding design should take effect from 2023. Eligible for funding are: pure battery electric vehicles, externally chargeable hybrid electric vehicles (plug-in hybrids), fuel cell vehicles and vehicles that emit a maximum of 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer or have a minimum purely electric range of 60 kilometers.

The following electric vehicles will benefit from the innovation bonus: New vehicles that were built after the 3rd. June 2020, used cars registered for the first time after June 4th, 2020. November 2019 were registered and their second registration after 3. June 2020 has taken place. The vehicle must be on the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) list of eligible electric vehicles. Incidentally, leasing is also encouraged. However, this is staggered depending on the leasing period. Leasing contracts with a term of 23 months or more will continue to receive full funding. Applicant must be the person to whom the vehicle is registered. A lessor is only eligible to apply if he is an owner-occupier. An exception is employee leasing for commercial leasing.

The application for the environmental bonus can only be submitted online to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Applications are processed in the order in which applications are received. You can find the application for the new guidelines and further information on the funding program here.

Source: Federal Government.en

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2 thoughts on “Innovation bonus extended until the end of 2022”

  1. All well and good, every new government takes its time.
    But I would have expected a little more, e.g.B. the abolition of the “E-mark” for non-electric vehicles, which is a status symbol for the extremely borderline PHEVs.
    An E-license plate is hip and is especially sported on fairly large vehicles.
    Bet the PHEVs would be far less common on the road if it weren’t for that.
    The next funding stage with 60km purely electric is a laugh for all those who do not charge their PHEV electrically anyway.
    Actually, the whole PHEV subsidy is completely superfluous because there is no longer any reason to drive a combustion engine and there is now enough choice of BEVs from all manufacturers. especially in the very popular SUV classes.
    And of course there would be the introduction of Tempo 130, which not only protects the climate, but rather prevents the death of billions of living beings.
    Please improve the coalition agreement or paint over the green 🙂

  2. German taxpayers’ money is still being spent on dirty plug-in combustion engines. Although every future decision should be based on climate protection, climate protection is a fundamental right, a healthy life for our children and grandchildren is further promoted by the promotion of Neandertal technology by German fraudulent corporations. When will finally get an increase for fuel cell technology?
    Oh yes, the fraud corporations can not do that.
    I hear from many people who buy a new car that they no longer buy at the fraud corporations. The background that the cars are not “Made in Germany” makes many customers looking for a new brand. There are some manufacturers in the world that have not been driven by their government (CSU / CDU) into the dependency of Asia. But the selection has become smaller.


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