Innovative extinguishing system for burning E-car batteries

Innovative extinguishing system for burning E-car batteries-system

The company specialized on fire and disaster protection Rosenbauer brings a new extinguishing system for burning driving batteries from electric cars to the market. With the system, high-voltage batteries should be deleted safely and efficiently on the basis of lithium-ion technology. It allows direct cooling of the battery modules or. the cells within the modules and thus a quick stop of the chain reaction of the continuous cells, which is also known as thermal Runaway.

The safety of the forces was in the first place in the first place and will be achieved by the fact that the operators only have to stay close to the burning vehicle for a very short time and activating the system from a safe distance. The extinguishing system brings the extinguishing water exactly where it is needed: for cooling the cells and modules into the battery housing. This deletes resource-saving and reducing the spread of the flue gases to a minimum.

The system consists of two main components: a deletion and control unit which are connected to each other with hoses. The sufficiency is positioned on the battery and, if necessary, supported on the body or other points. The preferred position is between the road and the vehicle when the vehicle is on all four wheels. It is also possible to the system over the inner and trunk or trunk. with the side or roofed on the roof vehicles penetrate from the top.

The system is activated via the control unit with sufficient distance to the vehicle (about 8 meters). The extinguishing mandrel is driven with a force of several tons in the battery and the extinguishing water is supported by the perforated deletion directly inside the battery. The water fills the battery housing completely and should thus lead to efficient cooling. The amount of water of a normal TLF / HLF should be sufficient to ensure the extinguishing success. For the supply of extinguishing water, a normal pressure pump is sufficient.

Innovative extinguishing system for burning E-car batteries-e-carRosenbauer

After the battery has been cooled so far that the cell temperature is in a secure range, the vehicle is ready for removal as Rosenbauer says. The extinguishing system can remain in battery during transport (and quarantine). As a result, water can be inserted quickly into the battery housing at any time, regardless of whether the vehicle is transported with a rolling container trough or on a firing vehicle with fire limiting blanket.

The system has been tested in numerous brand tests of Rosenbauer with a wide variety of batteries (pouch, prismatic and round cells) in various vehicle platforms. In addition, according to the company, several factory, professional and voluntary fire brigades in Europe have tested the system for months with their operating tactics, deployment technology and their teams and can show that it was compatible with existing resources and tactics.

“We were very happy to be able to develop and test the extinguishing system with Rosenbauer, as well as to be able to participate in improvement and further development,” says Patrick Loos, Head of Werkfeuerwehr Securitas Fire & Safety at Porsche Leipzig. In his opinion, the extinguishing system belongs to one of the best and most innovative of its kind to curb the spread of a battery edge “. The operation is very user-friendly and effective. “The system is a must-have for every fire brigade a must-have,” says Loss.

“Deleting batteries is an important, also social contribution to the safe handling of electromobility. That’s why VDA / VDIK supports the topic. Manufacturer such as Z.B. Opel, Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, Tesla and Audi have provided in the past two years for the important and necessary fire tests accolvable latest generation as well as complete vehicles, “explains Jurgen Peitz, head of the VDA & Vdik interdisciplined working group rescuing persons from accident Vehicles. The best way to avoid pollutants in the air and extinguishing water is quick and efficient to clear. “And that in conjunction with a suitable use as safe as possible for fire brigades ensures the Rosenbauer extinguishing system,” said the burnt expert. The new Rosenbauer battery extinguishing system can be ordered now and will be delivered from the beginning of the year.

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  1. That sounds really good. If, as described would work, this special deletion system could prevent greater damage. Especially in underground garages, which are often awkward to be accessible.


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