Interest for e-cars rises – environmental bonus hardly responsible for this

Interest for e-cars rises - environmental bonus hardly responsible for this-bonus

The encouragement for pure electric cars is rising among Germany’s drivers, this has determined the survey institute Yougov on behalf of the Comparative Portal Check24. It can be stated that therefore eleven percent of the car purchase sinteresses consider a purely electric car and want to buy. Compared to the previous year, interest has increased by four percentage points. Meanwhile, it is therefore that every tenth car purchase could be an electric car.

But also hybrid increases in interest – YouGov does not indicate whether pure hybrid or plug-in hybrid. The interest should have increased to 13 percent, in August 2019 there were still 10 percent. It is interesting to mention in this context that the subsidy of the state and manufacturer, in the form of the environmental bonus or the innovation premium hardly a rash. Despite the fact that it up to 9.000 Euro gives to the purchase of qualified electric cars to a subsidy. Almost three quarters – 73 percent – consumers said that the premium has no influence on their plans.

As a reminder: since the 08. July is the significantly increased purchase bonus for electric cars entered into force. Magnificent retroactive for car purchases since the 03. June this year. The manufacturers themselves will not double their share. The increase of the share of the Federal Government is as a so-called “innovation premium”. This means, for example, that up to a net list price of the E-vehicle of up to 40.000 Euro the promotion of the federal government of 3.000 to 6.000 Euro rises. This measure is limited to 31.12.2021. In the taxation of pure electrical service cars of 0.25%, the purchase price limit of 40.000 Euro to 60.000 Euro increased. For plug-in hybrids it is up to 6.750 Euro promotion.

Overall, almost 60 percent prefer a car with gasoline or diesel engine. Why this is, the opinion researchers have not determined, but conventional objections to electric cars are high prices and low ranges. For insurance costs, according to CHECK24, there is no generally valid statement, some models are more expensive to insure as similar cars with conventional engine, other cheaper. From our own experience and after exchange with insurance specialist Verti we could show that e-auto insurance can certainly be cheaper than the burner.

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2 thoughts on “Interest for e-cars rises – environmental bonus hardly responsible for this”

  1. Well, I’m surprised that the subsidy is not so crucial? The whole subject of energy transition is anyway for the cat, for years always these announcements, then a little bit, and that was it then.
    In Germany there are probably very many people who earn very well.!
    My PV plant is finally paid after 10 years, the Zoe comes in September, leased, and the WP for the home must wait. Why do not even ask me, Haha.

  2. Looks so that the evil deer e-cars are mainly purchased as company weighing. The most powerful people do not want to pay out of their own pocket for uneconomical solution.
    The interested parties only turn into buyers if the electric cars become more cheaper than burners and the charging option really near (max. 300m) will be available from the house. Where such that you can leave your car over afterward.


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