Ioniq combines future e-models of Hyundai – three are already in planning

Ioniq combines future e-models of Hyundai - three are already in planning-combines

Hyundai announces a series of new battery electrical vehicles under the Markendach Ioniq. Thus, the Korean manufacturer wants to further expand its pioneering role in the field of alternative drives. Even today, the planning for three new E models, which should be introduced under the new Ioniq brand. For Hyundai to react a clear sign on the demand for the market and offer a corresponding portfolio of vehicles.

In the development of vehicles, the company uses its previous, industry-leading know-how in the field of electromobility in terms of rapid load capacity, battery electric drives, and comprehensive space offering, a current press release of the company. Under the name Ioniq, which connects the two terms “ion” and “unique”, Hyundai announced 2016 for the first time a long-term research and development project under the focus of environmentally friendly mobility.

Also in 2016, with the Hyundai IoniQ, the first vehicle, which was designed exclusively for three electrified drives – designed hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electro on the road. This technological innovation now leads to rebirth as a sub-brand for future battery electrical vehicles from Hyundai.

“With Ioniq we strive for a paradigm shift in terms of our future electric vehicles and how our customers can experience them. By going beyond conventional thinking, we will offer our customers individualized experiences with our electric vehicles, suitable for a digitally networked and environmentally friendly lifestyle.”- Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of the Hyundai Motor Company

The first three models of the brand will come under the name Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7 on the street. Where the straight numbers for limousines and the odd numbers are used for SUVs. Already in early 2021 the IoniQ 5, a medium sized CUV, is introduced on the market. The Ioniq 5 is based on the electrical concept 「45」. The designers of the Ioniq 5 were inspired by the past and interpreted them with a striking design and state-of-the-art light architecture. The Hyundai Designer continues to pursue this approach to future IoniQ vehicles.

Ioniq combines future e-models of Hyundai - three are already in planning-e-modelsHyundai

In 2022, a sports sedan called Ioniq 6 follow, which is based on the electrically powered concept vehicle prophecy. The outdoor design of the elegant concept vehicle prophecy is characterized by the aerodynamic silhouette with perfect proportions. At the beginning of the year 2024 then follows the model Ioniq 7, a large SUV. “Timeless elegance” as the basis of the design language of the IoniQ models is the focus and will draw as a red thread through this.

All e-models of Ioniq will build on the new “Electric Global Modular Platform”, short E-GMP, the company. This allows quick charging of the high-voltage battery and a large range is required. The E-GMP platform will also enable Hyundai to redesign the vehicle interior as a “intelligent living room” with adjustable seats, wireless connectivity and unique design features such as a glove compartment designed as a drawer. Under the slogan “I’m in Charge” the brand campaign starts to the new sub-brand Ioniq, which stands for sustainability and a diverse lifestyle.

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  1. I drive my ioniq almost 3 years and now more than 65 thkmal ..
    I’m very satisfied.

    But I have only heard from the Ioniq 5 as a concept FZG.
    Should that really bring the really as fast as planned I hold for questionable.
    Should the somewhere romp around as a test car you would have noticed that, or?

    I suspect a translation error and the thing is presented 2021 … and then sold sometime ..
    Nevertheless, the thing lace looks out and if it also has the described functions that will be great

    It remains exciting


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