IONITY: Mega investment enables growth and massive network expansion

IONITY: Mega investment enables growth and massive network expansion-mega

At the end of November 2021, Europe’s leading high power charging network IONITY recorded a massive investment of 700 million euros, which will further drive IONITY’s growth and network expansion plans across Europe while improving the charging experience for customers. The investment is brought in by the current shareholders and the new partner BlackRock’s Global Renewable Power Platform.

The plans, which are based on the investment worth millions, envisage that by 2025 the number of powerful 350kW charging stations will more than quadruple to around 7.000 is increased. In the future, IONITY charging parks will no longer only be set up on freeways, but also in the vicinity of large cities and along busy trunk roads. Future locations are planned from the start with an average of six to twelve charging stations. The number of locations is also increasing significantly – from currently almost 400 to more than 1.000.

The company also indicates that existing locations – along highly frequented routes with a great need for charging infrastructure – will be upgraded with additional charging stations. These measures will improve the charging experience for customers and ensure that the IONITY network is prepared for the increasing demand for charging infrastructure. IONITY has been playing a leading role in this rapid and important transformation since 2017. The company now operates more than 1 in 24 countries.500 charging points along European motorways.

“The entry of BlackRock as a future shareholder and the commitment of our current shareholders underline the attractiveness of IONITY for investors and impressively confirm that we are on the right track. The trust and investments of all shareholders accelerate IONITY’s growth, the expansion of our High Power Charging network throughout Europe and last but not least the decarbonization of the mobility sector.-Dr. Michael Hajesch, CEO of IONITY

Commenting on BlackRock’s investment and commitment, David Giordano, Global Head of Renewable Power, said: “EV charging infrastructure is critical to achieving a Net Zero future. IONITY is one of the leading charging networks in Europe, bringing together pioneers in the automotive industry to enable zero-emission driving across Europe. We are excited to support IONITY’s growth ambitions and give our customers access to an innovative company driving the energy transition.”

“More than before, it is not just the product that is decisive, but the entire ecosystem. With the focus on the further development and improvement of the charging network offer, the IONITY offensive will make a decisive contribution to the attractiveness of e-mobility.“ – Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG

As part of the network expansion, IONITY intends to acquire more of its own land and, depending on the local conditions, to build and operate its own service areas. In this context, the company is planning its new station concept “Oasis”. “With ‘Oasis’ we are showing what a completely new charging experience can look like. Whether covered charging stations or charging parks with connected cafes, restaurants or shops – we want to offer our customers more convenience in the future,” emphasizes Dr. Marcus Groll, COO at IONITY.

Jason Jeong, President of Kia Europe, also commented on the multi-million dollar investment for the expansion of the IONITY network: “With regard to the gradual phase-out of vehicles with combustion engines over the next ten years, access to a comprehensive and reliable fast-charging infrastructure is crucial for drivers importance.”

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3 thoughts on “IONITY: Mega investment enables growth and massive network expansion”

  1. It’s good that everyone has gotten nervous and that there will be serious expansion. That fits in time. Now there is lockdown and winter again anyway.

    I’m a serious Ionity user and I have to say that the situation has been relatively relaxed so far. Who loads there on weekdays outside of holiday periods? Audi e-tron 55 estimated 20% and Taycane 20%. These are mostly freelancers who can divide their time. All other users are a colorful mix, where you could not name a brand.

    But when serious long-distance vehicles like the EQE or i4 come along, i.e. management cars, things can quickly look different with only 4-6 pillars to date. And it is precisely this type of user that has not yet existed, but it is coming. The frequent drivers are going electric.

  2. Charging on the move only gains more acceptance when the prices are right. Gradually, the prices per kWh must go in the direction of 20 ct/kWh, of course without basic charges. With a realistic 20-25 kWh per 100 km, we are then at 4-5 euros per 100 km. This means that even diesel is no longer cheaper. Then a young family with 2 children buys an e-car with an average income. We have to go there and not to SUVs and luxury cars at 60.000 euros and more.

  3. E-mobility is currently a luxury and not for average earners. The leasing rates offered are for second car drivers with a mileage of 7.500 – 10.000 km p.a. or for company cars with 20.000 – 60.000 km mileage p.a. Already from 20.000 km per year, the e-leasing rates are no longer acceptable and cannot be used with diesel or. Gasoline vehicles competitive.


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