Istream promises tremendous benefits for range, weight & cost

Istream promises tremendous benefits for range, weight & cost-weight

Gordon Murray Design is a visionary design and engineering company founded in 2007 with the aim of developing innovative and groundbreaking manufacturing technology. With the specially developed iStream vehicle design and manufacturing process, enormous benefits for performance, costs and efficiency of future electrified vehicles can be provided.

The company shows in the presentation of Istream that the system can be used for a wide range of vehicles with any type of powertrain. So it is possible to use Istream from an electric four-wheel over a sports car with mid-engine to a gasoline-powered great luxury SUV or a light commercial vehicle. The comprehensive and revolutionary design and manufacturing process of Istream is a cost-effective way to develop lightweight vehicles and is particularly suitable for electric vehicles whereby due to the size, cost and weight of the battery is the highest possible total weight of the vehicle to optimize performance and Range is essential.

How to show Gordon Murray Design is able to reduce the use of iStream‘s manufacturing process to reduce the total weight of a typical family car by over 20%. The number of components required for the body parts is reduced by more than 50%, while at the same time the stiffness is increased, which has a positive effect on safety, driving behavior and suspension dynamics. Furthermore, it is so that composite plates are used from recycled fibers. Through this, the weight can be further reduced.

“Our innovative manufacturing process offers many advantages for automotive manufacturers who want to develop and manufacture cars and commercial vehicles in small to medium quantities that can not be produced by their previous methods and on their previous area. It is a unique and cost-effective way to improve global manufacturers, performance and efficiency in a sustainable way.”- Jean-Philippe Launberg, Strategy and Business Director, Gordon Murray Design

Launberg also states that you are currently already in advanced talks with air carriers. These are currently in the development of the next generation of electrical freight drones and light aircraft.

On the title photo of the article, the electrical, autonomous mobility vehicle design can be seen, which should demonstrate the flexibility of the iStream concept. It was developed in cooperation with innovate UK, weighs less than 400 kg and is officially classified as quadricycle. However, it was constructed and built that it fulfills the crash regulations for conventional cars, and has a battery pack that is twice as large as the comparable vehicles. In addition, it is equipped with features that are more likely to know from larger cars, such as anti-lock-up system, air conditioning, infotainment system with large screen and electric, top-swinging doors.

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1 thought on “Istream promises tremendous benefits for range, weight & cost”

  1. In short – PR chatter.

    The Isteam is a gentle-welded gourmet profiles, perhaps suitable for expensive small series and you will probably see the prototypes, but hardly more.

    For large series, the “tube-together whitening principle” is too expensive, as with E.Go or you make it quite primitive as a thin “tent rod version” for the roof like the Citroen Ami Elektro.

    Even the makers of Microlino have opted for press parts, as with the size series.


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