Italian. Energy Group Eni acquires charging infrastructure operator BE POWER

Italian. Energy Group Eni acquires charging infrastructure operator BE POWER-charging

The Italian mineral oil and energy group ENI has signed an agreement on the acquisition of 100 percent of BE POWER via its division of ENI Gas e Luce a few days ago. Be Power is the second largest operator of electric car charging infrastructure in Italy via its subsidiary, with more than 5000 public charging stations. The transaction, which still needs to be approved by the competent authorities, mark another step forward in the ENI power strategy, so the company in a recent communication. The Italian Group wants to achieve a complete decarbonization of its products and processes by 2050.

The mobility sector will experience a steadily growing number of electric cars on the streets in Italy and Europe in the coming years. In this context, the acquisition of Be Power should enable ENI Gas e Luce to become an important operator of electric car loading infrastructure. In this case, Eni charging points has at public reason, privately owned with public access as well as in ENI gas stations in Italy and abroad. ENIS petrol station business is known under the brand name AGIP.

Be Power was founded in 2018 and operates charging infrastructure under the brand name BARGE, which is installed both on public and private land and holds the corresponding concessions. It also manages its own charging stations and those other operators through a proprietary technology platform and also offers a special app for electric car drivers.

“With the acquisition of BE POW, ENI occupies a management position in a market, which is the focus of the European Union’s energy-purpose strategy. Business with infrastructure and charging solutions for electric cars strengthens the portfolio of ENI Gas E Luce, which already reached ten million customers in six European countries. We continue our way to become a leader in the production and sale of fully decarbonated products.”- Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni

To 1. July 2021 ENI Gas E Luce has also updated its statutes to become a benefit Company, as the first major Italian company in the energy sector that has done this. Benefit companies integrate the entrepreneurial goal to have a positive impact on society and the environment in addition to the goal of generating profits, and anchor this in their corporate philosophy. When Eni Gas E Luce becomes a Benefit Company, she assumes a legal obligation to reconcile the interests of its shareholders with those of the public and other stakeholders.

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  1. A takeover of charging infrastructure by mineral oil companies can extend the combustion age.
    By installing fast loads on petrol stations, the sales in the gas station shop and on the car wash can be held up.
    As a result, petrol stations can continue to operate economically after partial reconstruction of dispensers. If there is no gas stations, burner drivers need to change to electro only later.


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