Italy: No internal combustion engines from 2035

Italy: No internal combustion engines from 2035-combustion

Italy‘s government has explained the internal combustion engine to the outlet model. After 2035 no such motors may be installed in new cars. For delivery vans and light commercial vehicles with internal combustion engines, the year 2040 applies. The decision corresponds to the demand of the European Union to reduce greenhouse gases by 55 percent by 2030. Italy follows a series of European countries, including Spain, France and some others who have already set a period of time after which no vehicles can be sold with internal combustion engine.

The Italian government emphasizes, the automotive companies had enough time to adapt to the production change. “In the context of this process, all functional solutions for the decarbonization of traffic in a logic of the technology facility must be implemented, which promotes not only electric vehicles, but also the potential of hydrogen and must be recognized the essential role of biofuels for the ecological transition,” says it in a press release of the Italian Ministry of Transport.

Industrial Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti raised the consequences that the transition to E cars for the Italian auto industry can bring along. More than half of the workforce currently working in the automotive supply chain could no longer be employed in this sector, the minister warned. “We have to change our setting. Constant education means that you must also imagine changing the profession during its life. There is no longer a permanent workplace, which is located at a specific location to do a certain kind of work. There will be jobs that need to be associated with the changes taking place, “said the industrial minister.

Anyway, if there is a derogation for domestic sports car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. This strives for the Italian government. It does not include: “As regards the niche manufacturers, special measures may be examined with the European Commission within the framework of Community legislation.”

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5 thoughts on “Italy: No internal combustion engines from 2035”

  1. Actually unnecessary, such prohibitions. If BEV’s is already competitive in a few years ago, the topic of burners has largely done the topic. And as a vehicle with some care can be moved well and like to move for 15-20 years, diehard petrolheads of their passion may still indulge in a long time (if you like a quiet, low-maintenance and powerful vehicle nothing.

  2. That’s how quality journalism goes
    The headline suggests the “Off for the internal combustion engine”, in the paper itself is in no sentence of the speech, but by “emission-free new cars” ..

    The fact that this is also possible with an internal combustion engine apparently has not yet been credited to the editorial boards – keyword synthetic fuel from climate-neutral production

  3. Italy would be ideal for electric vehicles with solar modules on the roof or. on the body. And the teenagers could be environmentally friendly with Citroen Ami and other L6E vehicles.

  4. “…. For vans and light utility vehicles, the year 2040 applies …”
    After some time, smaller commercial vehicles have been electricity for some time and
    The whole thing has long been no longer a witchwerk, you still want 19 ! (in words: nineteen) years
    long on new ! Hold in combustors, which then still up to approx. 2055 are on the streets?
    Completely absurd. The manufacturers, which will still exist in 2040, become the loose 15 years
    make up.


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