Jaguar E-Pace Plug-in-Hybrid: The Crystal Chunk

Jaguar E-Pace Plug-in-Hybrid: The Crystal Chunk-jaguar

Like that’s the spirit of time: you can wait that he is blown away – or pull with him. In the case of e-mobility how it would be fatal fat. Too powerful this trend. Then with pace to the top, you said there at Jaguar – and prescribed the change: to the fully electric luxury brand up to 2025. Although the e-pace can not be very pistonless, but at least the refreshed version is now also as plug-in hybrid – and thus deliberately marks the top model of the series.

And with a three-cylinder. That may seemed purists as an affront, thanks to 200 hp, but not a bit. Especially since on the rear axle still additional 109 hp from an e-machine. Since you add the strongest gasoline (300 hp) with the strongest gasoline (300 hp) with 6.5 seconds at the standard spurt. Big benefit of the 1.5-liter engine: It is a whopping 33 kilo lighter than the four-edible variant. That’s in times, since each gram CO2 counts, a weight-important argument. And something else has the e-pace 300 Phev ahead of the plugless counterparty of the series: up to 55 electrical kilometers from a 15 kWh battery.

Jaguar E-Pace Plug-in-Hybrid: The Crystal Chunk-chunk

And so you roll there, you can wander the view to the twelve-inch digital display behind the grippy steering wheel, from there to the little smaller touch screen of the Pivi Infotainment system – and look forward to the high-quality interior. Especially since the cockpit is tailored to the driver. Even visually. Also otherwise is the most beautiful place left front. Who is vigorously, may not be pure conscience, but well humored. The clenched force reaches over four-wheel drive and a gentle sorting eight-step automatic on the road – and for the small Hatz in between, you can also grab the steering wheel rockers. Then the patrobe claws shows.

British is the vote. Turfed self-evident, after all, about 2.2 tons in the lot are to be kept – but not uncompromisingly hard, but steadily. And with highly precise steering. Nevertheless: 540 nm torque demand feeling in the gas foot – or the content of a British Lord. Who neither has one of the one nor about the other, button better slowly direction border range: especially on holiday for the electronic health can not hurt a little experience in terms of fleet. By the way: Terrain is at any time. With a good 21 centimeters of air to the ground and half a meter edge depth may already come a lot of uneasy among the up to 21 inch wheels.

Jaguar E-Pace Plug-in-Hybrid: The Crystal Chunk-crystal

From the factory, the E-Pace 300 PHEV holds the track, pays attention to traffic signs and if necessary he brakes too. And of course there is plenty of space for load and people. At full seating, the e-pace waits with 601 liters loading space, with folded back seats it is 1386. Of course, the noble kitten can also velvet paw. Quiet purring in EV mode. Even if the range in everyday life tends rather against 40. Why the key for the current operation caches so shamped in the depths of the center console, probably a secret of the designer remains. E-mobility finally has a lot to do with offensive.

Either way: At some point the e-pace should be at the can. From empty to 80 percent, it takes five hours in the worst case, on the wallbox almost 90 minutes – at the quick loader just 30 times. The main thing, one packs the cable. Finally, only the stream of electricity decides whether to do it really well with the climate.

Jaguar E-Pace Plug-in-Hybrid: The Crystal Chunk-jaguar

However, who likes the environment, it must be reasonably expensive in the case of e-pace Phev. At least 58.340 euros Namely, Jaguar calls for the double-hearted kitten. But have a special taste, has always been a bit more expensive. For this you can order a pretty detail: who likes to drive out to drive sports – just leave the ignition key in the car and take the coded chip bracelet. Waterproof and shockproof of course. The key is deactivated until you come back. Maybe one day also a trend ..

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