Jaguar Land Rover intends to join the CO2 pool of Tesla 2021

Jaguar Land Rover intends to join the CO2 pool of Tesla 2021-intends

According to the latest exclusive data from Matthias Schmidt, Automobil Analyst from Berlin, and the European Commission has found a new partner to join their EU CO2 pool for 2021. The British company Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by Tata, intends to form a CO2 pool for 2021 with the companies led by Elon Musk. This will make you a member of the CO2 pool of e-industry preaching in addition to Honda.

Already a few days ago, thought games came to a joining of JLR to the CO2 pool of Volvo / Polestar. Now you seem to have decided for Tesla. Basic supervision was that although almost all manufacturers say they will achieve their CO2 goals this year, strategic decisions in favor of the possible profit and not in favor of CO2 savings. For luxury car manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover, this means that profitable models are promoted with higher emissions when distributing and selling plug-in models with lower margins is waived.

JLR, which is classified as a niche manufacturer, has a derogation target of only 131.8 g / km and not the average target of 95 g / km (NEFZ) based on the fleet weight for volume manufacturers. The company has thus decided to promote profitable models and decided under cost-benefit analysis that it is more meaningful to pay for accession to a pool and promote more profitable models with higher emissions than these models due to a limited offer to reduce on semiconductor chips, which forces you to promote less profitable plug-ins to achieve your compulsory CO2 goal.

From January to August, in the Western European region with 18 markets were slightly more than 25.000 Plug-in vehicles approved by JLR, which makes up a quarter of the total admissions. However, one looks further in the distance, the plug-in penetration of the premium competitors of Daimler throughout the European region is well over 30 percent, as shown in current data from Schmidt.

According to Tesla, the US manufacturer of pure electric cars this year (Q1-Q3 2021) has been 1.15 billion. Get USD from global regulatory credits that include credits from China, North America and Europe. This is a slight decline compared to the same period of the previous year (1.18 billion. USD), which included Fiat Chrysler (FCA), which is no longer part of the EU CO2 pool of Tesla due to the fusion with PSA for Stellantis.

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  1. The company policy of Jaguar Land Rover does not understand. Electromobility is actually as called.

    For the SUV, there is nothing better than there in the small models up to 100 kWh and into the big up to 180 kWh battery. Pay the customer does that. Then towing up to 3500 kg and you have a unique selling point. consumption. Was always no matter. Technically, it would not be an issue at all, many electric cars are SUV.

    And the fine sports cars and limousines from Jaguar would be feasible. Because worthwhile, Jaguar never had never. So you do not have to play tetris, but may, as always, waste space in beauty. For the image of soft, cat-like acceleration, an electric motor would be awarded.

    So you have to tear the wheel right. The regular customers are not combustion fans because they like to smell benzene, but because they z.B. Your horse pendant who want to pull 300 km to Wiesbaden. A 22 kW connection on the stud would not be a problem.


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