Jaguar Land Rover plans massive expansion of electromobility

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Jaguar Land Rover plans massive expansion of electromobility-expansion

Jaguar wants to reorganize the new Global Strategy “Reimagine” Jaguar Land Rover. Thierry Bollore, CEO of the largest British automaker, introduced a comprehensive program that includes modern luxury, unmistakable design and electrification as a key point. Part of the project is that Jaguar should become a fully electric luxury brand to 2025. Thus, Jaguar Land Rover wants to set up for a sustainable future and position themselves even more than agile and flexible providers of coveted luxury automobiles and exceptional services for particularly sophisticated customers, so the manufacturer in a recent communication. With the “Reimagine” strategy, Jaguar Land Rover also wants to set new standards for a luxury company with regard to the impact on the environment and society.

“Jaguar Land Rover is unique in the global automotive industry: Here, designers meet unparalleled models with a high understanding of the future luxury expectations of customers on strong emotional brand values, a spirit of Britishness and throughout the Tata Group on direct access to global players in technology and sustainability. We use these prerequisites now to redefine our business, the two brands and the customer experience of tomorrow. The Reimagine Strategy allows us to make our uniqueness and strengthen our uniqueness. Together we can achieve an even more sustainable and more positive effect on the world around us.”- Thierry Boolore, CEO Jaguar Land Rover

The core of the “Reimagine” strategy forms the consistent electrification of the two brands Jaguar and Land Rover – on separate architectures as well as with independent, clearly differentiated personalities.

The SUVs and SUV brand Land Rover should receive growth in the coming five years by a total of six pure electrically powered models. Thus, Land Rover wants to underpin its position as one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality and luxurious SUVs and SUV – with the three model families Range Rover, Discovery and Defender. The first fully electric variant should appear in the market in 2024.

Jaguar, in turn, will experience a renaissance by mid-decade: as a purely electric luxury brand with an exciting new portfolio, the emotionally appealing design and advanced technologies should associate as the manufacturer. The new offer also includes a model named Jaguar XJ – the currently scheduled XJ successor model is not part of this ridge.

By 2030, Jaguar Land Rover plans to offer each series with fully electric drives with its two brands. Then 100 percent of Jaguar sales and 60 percent of the country Rover paragraph on purely electrically powered models without exhaust emissions.

CO2 neutral up to 2039

In addition, the company strives to get along with 2039 in its products and locations as well as in the supply chain completely without carbon dioxide emissions. Part of this plan are also fuel cell drives with clean hydrogen. Here, developments are already running, supported by a long-term investment program – within the coming twelve months, first prototypes with fuel cell will be rolling for testing on British streets.

For the success of the “Reimagine” strategy, the factor sustainability plays a crucial role: Jaguar Land Rover wants to set new standards in the luxury segment with regard to ecology and social responsibility. A newly founded core team in the enterprise headquarters should develop and implement groundbreaking innovations: for example, in the fields of material management, technologies, production, service and circular economy.

About 2.5 billion pounds Sterling (about 2.8 billion euros) wants to invest Jaguar Land Rover annually in electrification and development of networked services, including data-centered technologies for optimizing vehicle usage. Furthermore, the company wants to expand innovative business models. For example, the subscription model PIVOTAL in the United Kingdom is greatly appealing: In the financial year, there is a growth of 750 percent. Pivotal was developed together with inmotion, the subsidiary and investor arm of Jaguar Land Rover – now the introduction of pivotal to markets outside the United Kingdom should follow.

Quality standards and efficiency enhancement

With “Reimagine” Jaguar wants to reorganize, reorganize and reorganize. Thus, the company wants to become a new standard in the luxury sector in terms of quality and efficiency. At the center of this strategy, the establishment of new, clearly delimited architectures, which should underline and consolidate the independent characters of the two brands.

Land Rover will use the new flexible modular longitudinal architecture for the future development of its models (MLA – Modular Longitudin Architecture). It enables the combination of electrified internal combustion engines as well as with fully electric drives. The modular electrical architecture EMA (Electric Modular Architecture) also allows use with the combination of electrical and internal combustion engine. Future Jaguar models should only use EMA’s electrical architecture.

“Reimagine” should continue to serve the clarity and simplification. The number of platforms and models running in the individual works by the tape is consolidated. Thus, the British in the luxury segment wants to establish new standards with regard to efficiency, scalability and quality. This approach is intended to help rationalize the procurement and accelerate investments in local supply chains.

The production of production means this that all works in the United Kingdom and worldwide. The Solihull plant in the West Midlands should not only be the home of the MLA architecture, but also the advanced purely electric Jaguar platform. In the redefinition of modern luxury, important partners also play a crucial role for Jaguar Land Rover – such as unions, car dealerships and suppliers. Their meaning should continue to increase in the company’s ecosystem.

“Refocus” should increase the company’s agility

As the most recent financial results occupy, Jaguar Land Rover has a solid foundation to make its business sustainable and robust for customers, partners, employees, shareholders and the environment. Drive spring of this transformation is the recently started “refocus” program. It consists of new, cross-functional activities, to the other of initiatives such as “Charge +”, which should generate by the end of 2021 savings of 6 billion pounds Sterling (around 6.8 billion euros).

The “Reimagine” strategy also includes making the company more agile. Flatter structures should enable employees to work and decide faster and goal-oriented. To accelerate this process, Jaguar Land Rover wants to significantly streamline its infrastructure in the United Kingdom away from production. The technology and development center in Gaydon becomes the new headquarters. There, the board and other important management functions are brought together to enable smooth cooperation and agile decision-making.

To the top with the tata group

So that the vision of modern luxury mobility can become reality, Jaguar Land Rover plans an even more intensive cooperation and a recessed transfer of knowledge with companies of the Tata Group, the parent company of the automaker. The aim is to put even more on sustainability and emission reduction – and to use the best-practice principle in future technologies, data and software development. Jaguar Land Rover has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors since 2008, at the Tata Sons the largest shareholders.

“Within our company, we have all the presuppositions: this is a unique opportunity. Others have to rely on external partnerships or compromises. On the other hand, we have direct access that allows us to tackle the future quickly and with self-confidence.”- Thierry Bollore, CEO Jaguar Land Rover

Against this background, Jaguar Land Rover sees itself on the way to reaching a double-digit EBIT margin and a positive cash flow – until 2025, the company strives for positive values in net liabilities. In the long term, Jaguar Land Rover wants to become one of the most profitable luxury providers worldwide.

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  1. In the mirror it means:
    Jaguar builds from 2025 only electric cars The British car brand Jaguar says goodbye to the internal combustion engine

    I like manager manages and do not talk like politicians around the hot porridge. That there is a little longer at Landrover is unfortunate, but absolutely understandable. Hat from this timetable. Whether you pack it will show yourself. If not, then the brand will be Jaguar story. I’m curious when a German manufacturer makes a clear announcement … probably never.


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