Jaguar Panthera: E-platform for future electric cars

Jaguar Panthera: E-platform for future electric cars-electric

Behind Jaguar Panthera does not hide the successor of the i-pace, but much more the basis for the change of the brand towards a pure electric car manufacturer. Future e-models of the brand are to be based on the Panthera platform. Nevertheless, the I-PACE will continue to be built. At times it was just unclear whether you would build your own platform or adapt one of the e-platforms on the market for yourself.

This is what Thierry Bollore, the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, told investors. Similar to the Jaguar I-PACE, the British brand is taking as much as possible into its own hands for the future models. Teams are working under the leadership of JLR design chief Gerry McGovern on the designs for the upcoming vehicles. An independent design is a must in order to stand out on the market. It is therefore also clear that you have to rely on your own platform in order to put your own visions into practice. Or as Bollore points out: “With the new Jaguar, we attach great importance to unique proportions. That’s why we’re doing it ourselves at the moment.”

With the new global strategy “Reimagine” Jaguar Land Rover wants to reposition itself. Part of the plan is for Jaguar to become an all-electric luxury brand by 2025. With this, Jaguar Land Rover wants to prepare itself for a sustainable future and position itself even more strongly worldwide as an agile and flexible provider of coveted luxury automobiles and extraordinary services for particularly discerning customers.

As the CEO of the Jaguar Land Rover brand explains, the aim is to create electric cars that come onto the road “without overlap”. In other words, they should be modern luxury cars, “that don’t copy anything in terms of style or design, that are at the forefront of technology and sophistication, but don’t look backwards,” Bollore continued. The off-road vehicle and SUV brand Land Rover is to be expanded over the next four to five years with a total of six all-electric models. With this, Land Rover wants to underpin its position as one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality and luxurious SUVs and SUVs. Here, too, the Jaguar Panthera platform comes in very handy. This offers the possibility to map the off-road capabilities of your own E-SUV without compromise.

Only the Jaguar I-PACE should be taken into the fully electric future, but it will be considered separately from the new electric car family. All other series of the brand will be phased out without replacement. Furthermore, it is the case that Jaguar will no longer offer SUVs in the future. The focus is on sedans, coupes and possibly convertibles. SUVs, however, remain with Land Rover.

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