Jaguar works on a fully electric J-pace in size of Tesla Model X

Jaguar works on a fully electric J-pace in size of Tesla Model X-fully

You can believe AutoExpress believe the plans around Jaguars J-Pace, a fully electric SUV, concrete. This should bring about the size of the Tesla Model X or Porsche Cayenne and as a second electric car, after the i-pace come on the street. Whether this is actually the case, depends on whether the already confirmed plans for the fully electric Jaguar XJ are now scrambled. Corresponding rumors make the round.

Already in August 2019, we reported that Jaguar Land Rover will make investment in the amount of several hundred million pounds in the production of electric vehicles in the United Kingdom. Now you get more concrete. The money will prepare the Castle Bromwich plant for the construction of electric cars. The first E-car is to run there 2021 the Jaguar XJ from the band, which is developed by the same expert team from designers and product developers, which have already subscribed for the i-pace (podcast / test report). Insofar the company does not take away from it.

The same work will also build the Jaguar J-Pace – an electrical SUV that will lie above the current i-pace in the Jaguar product range. The so-called modular longitudinal architecture, shortly MLA, will be adapted for pure electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid drives in the future. The light platform should then finally replace the five platforms that the company is currently using. On this platform, the J-PACE should arise. The model should be a WLTP range of CA. 483 km, four-wheel drive and several battery options (up to about 100 kWh). At least the current rumors are so. The J-PACE may be sold both with combustion (possibly hybrid) and with electric drive. There are no concrete statements of Jaguar.

Although the J-Pace will be located at the top of the British product range, Jaguar’s design boss Julian Thompson is also interested in smaller cars. “I would like to develop smaller Jaguar models,” said Thompson to Understand Auto Express. “I think if I think about what happens about what’s going on in the world, I would like to make cars that are smaller and more efficient and have all the values of a Jaguar who are nice to look at, with a fantastic interior and just great to drive.”

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3 thoughts on “Jaguar works on a fully electric J-pace in size of Tesla Model X”

  1. I think for Jaguar it is adequately offered in the upper class and luxury area electric cars. It’s not that one forcing people to force people. If only I see that in my closer friend and acquaintance circle practically every second small family has a VW T6, it does not seem to be given to humans to moderate themselves.

    Rather, I ask myself two things:

    First, why do you put on the same development team (the car was not essentially of Magna), which already has the i-pace not very well?

    Second, why a second SUV and no more XJ? I find, with the strange design of the current XJ you had not done a favor and scared a lot of buyers. You could fix that. Because the requirement for a good aerodynamics and thus small end face of a Bev fits excellent to the classic design of an XJ. In addition, the luxury limousine segment worldwide is still in demand for one and the image of the whispering predatory cat fits excellently to an electric sedan.

  2. Sure, not everyone needs a car in the size of a model X.
    I have ordered a Skoda Enyaq yourself because I need a hitch.
    For smaller cars like the E-Golf, there is simply not an attachment device.
    Otherwise, he would probably have become a seller, u. That would have been too early by VW.
    For other middle class E-cars, unfortunately, there is no AHK, otherwise I would have been an e-car for a while.
    Kind regards


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