Jaguar XF plans: station wagon, all-wheel drive and maybe even hybrid

Jaguar XF plans

Combi, all -wheel drive and maybe even hybrid

Jaguar XF plans: station wagon, all-wheel drive and maybe even hybrid-all-wheel
jaguar The Jaguar XF will also be a station wagon in the future

Jaguar leans into the power of the market: With a view to the competition from Stuttgart, Munich and Ingolstadt, the British are planning significantly more variants for the XF.

The ratio could hardly have been more different: where the price list for Audi A6, BMW five and Mercedes E-Class almost reached the format of an illustrated, Jaguar for the XF is sufficient for the XF. Because more than two petrol engines and three diesel have not yet been on offer. But that will change soon, promises series manager Andy Whymann. In a market in which the competition in individual regions sells more avant, touring and T models as limousines, Jaguar no longer wants to stay outside and therefore plans a comeback from the station wagon. As last with the entry-level model X-Type derived from the Ford Mondeo, the engineer says that there will soon be an estate, the engineer says. Exactly when the station wagon does not want to betray Whyme yet. “But we are now starting with the XF the second half of the term and would be well advised if we didn’t take too much time anymore."
However, the model with a large flap is not the only option with which the British want to further flee their XF family. But also working violently on the all -wheel drive, it is said behind the scenes. Here, too, Jaguar brings the growing quattro, X-Drive and 4matic share of the competitors under pressure. And that’s not just a problem in the Alpine countries. But above all the Americans prefer to pay a little more and then save themselves the change between summer and winter tires for the rest of the (auto) life.
While station wagon and all-wheel drive are already fixed, there is still a question mark behind the third XF novelty: the hybrid drive. "We are working intensively to further push the consumption of the model series," says Whyman. And the 2.2 liter four-cylinder diesel, which has become the most economical Jaguar in the company’s history with 5.4 liters, is not yet the end of the flagpole. "Of course we also look at hybrid options and will convert the XF accordingly," announces the head of the series. “Only whether this still works in this generation has not yet been decided."

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