Joint venture to secure access to lithium deposits in Germany

Joint venture to secure access to lithium deposits in Germany-lithium

Like cobalt, lithium is considered one of the most important raw materials when it comes to the production of lithium-ion batteries. The use of lithium-ion batteries is expected to increase noticeably by 2025. There is no electric car without lithium. At least if you look at the current state of the art. The medium-sized company ACI Systems Alemania from the Baden-Wurttemberg rooms Whether Rottweil and the Bolivian state-owned company Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos have concluded a joint venture to secure access to the largest lithium occurrence of the world for Germany.

So far, it was so that the Bolivian President Evo Morales has raised the great lithium occurrence in his country to develop economically. This should change. The German-Bolivian joint venture should be 40 from 2021 over 70 years annually 40.000 to 50.Promote 000 tonnes of lithium in the Bolivian saltwear. This place is considered as the largest lithium occurrence of the world. The speech is of nine million tons, which are still found there.

Currently the needs will be a year with 35.000 tonnes of lithium indicated until 2050 this is likely to 500.000 tons increase. Recycling used batteries could help to cover ten percent of the needs by 2030, even 40 percent by 2050.

That the entry into such a project can be worthwhile, it alone shows the fact that the price per tonne lithium carbonate has almost doubled within the last two years. It is also a clear Asian dominance on the market.

Only in August was known in a study that global lithium production tripled in the next four years. And yet the statement continues: Lithium production can withstand electric car boom.

“Of course, in a successful implementation, this Community project could lead to a new provider or a new supplier or lithium compounds such as lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide that could additionally board the oligopolis market in this to date.”- Michael Schmidt, raw material expert at the German Commodity Agency

The most important realization here is that this market continues to boom. Because lithium occurs in batteries in a variety of form. But due to its specific properties, it is actually irreplaceable in the current technology of these electric car batteries.

German Economic Minister Peter Altmaier has politically flanked the negotiations of the German-Bolivian Community project. In the signing of the contract he was in the afternoon as well as the Bolivian Foreign Minister. Whether Altmaier does not put the importance of the joint venture too high, does not seem to be clear yet. For Ferdinand Dudenhoffer, Professor of Automotive Industry at the University of Duisburg-Essen, to understand that the car manufacturers do not respond to direct connection with this joint venture, they turn to the big cell suppliers.

Nevertheless, it is certainly a first step to enable the German industry a reliable and competitive raw material reference. And who knows, possibly the German battery delivery still comes which our policy currently wants to promote a billion euros. For Dudenhoffer, the joint venture has only symbol character: “Germany do something at the electromobility”.

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