Jolts Mobile 320 kW fast load column comes in big cities

Jolts Mobile 320 kW fast load column comes in big cities-load

The Jolt Merlin One is considered a combination of Powerbank and 320 kW fast loading column and should be found in the future on up to 40 ESSO inside town states in possession and operated by EG in southern Germany in 2021. So the last update of the company, at the end of the year 2020. Meanwhile, however, one piles the introduction to in European and North American big cities.

Jolt and Aecom, an infrastructure consulting firm, have joined together and together want to promote the introduction of ultra-fast charging stations in large European and North American city centers. As part of the agreement, Jolt will produce the charging stations and operate the network while AECOM develops and executes an international rollout plan that includes program management, location development, use of equipment, commissioning and on-site service.

The focus is on its own fast load column Merlin. This sees itself as a kind of power bank for the car: A power store is charged and then – time-delayed – return this energy to a connected consumer. The Munich start-up Jolt Energy introduced the elementary component of its own Milkrun concept in the loading area with the Merlinon Quick Loading Column in August 2019. Two years later, you already think some number bigger. Merlin was developed in Germany specifically for charging situations in cities in which the existing electricity grid makes the provision of DC fast charging stations extremely difficult.

“We are enthusiastic that Aecom introduces its enormous technical know-how and experience in our mission and show an impressive balance with the punctual implementation of complex international projects.”- Maurice Nickelan, CEO of Jolt

Jolt Plant, until the year 2025 up to 15.000 chargers in 250 urban centers to install, equally divide in Europe and North America. Both companies will work together to develop a roadmap for missions that aims to penetrate e-mobility in the various urban markets as well as the availability of locations and local commercial and municipal support.

“The agreement with Jolt combines our global capabilities in program management with local market knowledge to use the urban fastening solutions of Jolt efficiently and effectively, with less impact on local electricity grids,” says Jeff Woodward, Global Market Sector Leader – Next Generation Energy at Aecom. “The success of e-mobility will lead to a large extent of the availability of convenient and accessible fast charging stations,” concluding Woodward.

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  1. So if that understands correctly, this is a 320kW charging column with thick buffer battery, which is probably then fed by the city network with something like 22kW or so. What the net holds. Thus, by the internal battery, it can deliver high performance short-term but this performance does not have to be pulled out of the network.


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