Kawasaki recall: exhaust parts can be loosened

Kawasaki recall: exhaust parts can be loosened

Kawasaki recall: exhaust parts can be loosened-recall
Image: Kawasaki Motors Europe Kawasaki recall: exhaust parts can be loosened

"For some vehicles of the W800, W800 Cafe and W800 Street (EJ800B/C/D/E) Model years 2019 to 2021, the exhaust manifold cannot be secured correctly by improper installation of the silencer". A spokesman for the German Kawasaki headquarters justified a callback for 287 motorcycles in Germany.

If the fastening nuts loose, they could fall off to fix the exhaust manifold to fix the exhaust manifold. The contract workshops therefore replace manifold seals and semi -moons and draw the nuts in a new order and with a higher torque.

“The free repair measure for customers is approx. Take 30 minutes, ”said the spokesman. Different machines can be seen from a white color marker in the rear of the vehicle on the frame holder under the bench. The internal abbreviation of the campaign is "DAK47" and affects almost 1 in Europe.000 units. There are no worldwide quantities.

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