Keep your car clean: everyone should know 7 life hacks – who loves their car – guide

Cloudy headlights, tangled cables in the car or stench from the ventilation? The Facebook channel "Brilliant tricks" has taken care of this and other problems – and solves them in a very creative way. The focus of the tips is the cleanliness of the car.

Every car owner knows certain annoyances.

  • The USB charging cable gets tangled
  • The headlights are dirty
  • The drink holder is dirty
  • There is an unpleasant smell coming from the air conditioner
  • Dog hair collects on the seat cushions of the car
  • The cracks of the air conditioning are dusty

10 tips to fill up less often

Keep your car clean: everyone should know 7 life hacks - who loves their car - guide-everyone

site/glomex 10 tips to fill up less often

In today’s world, it is extremely important to be mobile. This makes driving a car more and more important. However, fuel is becoming more and more expensive. The video contains 10 simple tips that will help you save fuel and have to fill up less often in the video (above).Also popular on site:*The contribution "Everyone who loves their car should know these seven tricks" is published by glomex. Contact the person responsible here.

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7 thoughts on “Keep your car clean: everyone should know 7 life hacks – who loves their car – guide”

  1. FDP, the only opposition?
    Why is only the FDP presented as an opposition? The AFD has more seats than the FDP … but treated rather neglected by the site. (After all, other media have completely removed the AFD from the program and call themselves democratic)

  2. when it stinks
    Then maybe you should replace the interior filter, there are nice instructions for this on YouTube for every vehicle, the filter costs about 10 euros, it’s even unhealthy when it’s already so far that unpleasant smells are there. Cup and sock is also nonsense, just use a rag or a vacuum cleaner with a tube. Headlight cleaning, however, is fine with the toothpaste, it is like light polishing, but you should take care of the paint…

  3. car Care
    I’ve been driving my cars for almost 50 years. But I also got recommendations from my father 50 years ago on how best to look after the car. What is so complicated to keep the car clean? But when I look inside cars, see the garbage inside, I ask myself; what might it look like for those in your own four walls?

  4. Oh well
    Removing crumbs with a vacuum cleaner is hardly a life hack, you could only have cleaned the depression in the cup with a rag. Cleaning the dashboard with a swiffer would be a good tip, I once read in an auto club magazine

  5. Yes, cleaning helps
    Against dirt and pollution, who would have thought?. Unfortunately, the "life hack" eliminated with the clamp and ether. Oil not the cause…. Stupid when the filters are full and stink….. Yes, is like using scent spray to "clean" the smelly shoes.

  6. life hack?
    It used to be called common sense, but today people seem to expect a Nobel Prize if they can overcome the hurdles of everyday life.

  7. master of everyday life,
    there are already very nice life hacks. Introduce yours. The audience is curious about her knowledge because of her common sense. Coat hangers as recipe holders in the kitchen, clean drink holders, great things are included. But you already knew that.


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