KfW about wallbox promotion: “Money is as good as way”

KfW about wallbox promotion:

The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) currently looks at more than 525.444 Applications for promoting a private charging station. Thus, the KfW nourishes the border of the funding pot, which has now grown to 500 million euros. At least theoretically, the funding pot is emptied. However, one does not know how hoc is the cancellation rate and how many applicants will actually use the subsidy argues a spokesman for KfW.

How Edison is to be understood be it fact that “the money is as good as it is away.”Already in the coming week, the funding program could expire – at least for the time being, so the online magazine. The KfW itself is enormously surprised about the extreme demand for wallbox promotion. After initial problems, the funding applications are now being processed very quickly – promotions are now being granted in a few weeks, sometimes already after days. The question is, how long still: commitments can only be granted as long as funding are available.

At the end of May, KfW has granted more than 431,000 applications for the construction of 525.444 charging points on residential buildings. Purely mathematically, around 473 million euros are already released for payout. We remember Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has released a total of 500 million euros for the funding program from his budget. You have started with a 300 million heavy conveyor pot. Already at the last increase in the volume of funding, the KfW speaker has to be understood that it was “only a question of hours” to premature closure of the program. Edison is aware of the fact that it is considered questionable whether relating to promotion is reoriented. “At some point you have to say: It’s enough now,” says KfW.

For the KfW grant, some basic prerequisites apply: The Wallbox must be brand new, have a charging power of 11 kW, be firmly installed and listed on the list of funded charging stations of the KfW Bank responsible for the disbursement. In addition, the charging point – with regard to network service – must be intelligent and controllable. The stream he releases to the electric car must be proven to be eco flow. The promotion must be requested before the charging station is ordered, and will be paid out after completion of the project.

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