KfW wallbox promotion almost used up; More than 310.000 applications made

KfW wallbox promotion almost used up; More than 310.000 applications made-promotion

The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) currently looks at more than 310.000 Applications for promoting a private charging station, this became Golem.DE to be communicated on request. Overall, applications for 381.000 charging points have been submitted, so the message. This means that purely mathematically, the funding volume of 400 million euros is exhausted with around 343 million euros. Thus, it could be purely theoretically up to 63.000 other wallboxes are promoted.

We remember: on the 24. November starts the promotion program announced at the beginning of October for the installation of private charging stations on residential buildings. Per loading point, there is a grants program of the State Funding Bank KfW Package 900 Euro. In mid-February, in a mathematically, 214 million euros of the funding volume actually used on 200 million euros are reported. The federal government responded accordingly and increased the funding volume to 300 million euros. Not even a month later, another 100 million euros will be fed into the funding pot. Overall, 400 million euros are now available to federal funds.

Golem.DE gives you to understand that the applications are usually approved easily if the application requirements are available. The payment of the funding amount is only then, if within nine months of application, both the purchase of the wallbox and the installation and commissioning can be detected on the basis of invoices. Alone the acquisition of the wallbox is not enough.

For the KfW grant, some basic prerequisites apply: The Wallbox must be brand new, have a charging power of 11 kW, be firmly installed and listed on the list of funded charging stations of the KfW Bank responsible for the disbursement. In addition, the charging point – with regard to network service – must be intelligent and controllable. The stream he releases to the electric car must be proven to be eco flow. The promotion must be requested before the charging station is ordered, and will be paid out after completion of the project.

With regard to the payment of the actual funding, KfW has not wanted to comment. Guesses suggest that a part of the approved funds will expire because the installation is not within nine months. Especially in multi-family houses, this could fail that the necessary decisions are not taken in time or the installation work can not be completed.

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2 thoughts on “KfW wallbox promotion almost used up; More than 310.000 applications made”

  1. What always lacks me is the question how many of them have already been submitted and whether every application for 9 months the warranty also has to be paid out. To submit a motion, which works very fast, but you can not delete this, which will probably happen automatically after 9 months. Thus, about August again a lot is likely to be free.
    An application I have already paid out, but I would have one open for another object, for which I did not do anything for lack of wallbox supplies and electricity utilization. I will not be the only one.

  2. I wonder if the promotion, as it is currently designed, is more sinvious.
    As I realized, many plants are sold in the network, which 1x installed but never in operation.
    This means that many people set up the investment funds, collect the conveyors and then reduce and sell them.
    It is always a pity if well-meaning subsidies are so easy to get back.


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